Shiny Decorations

I went to the JR Gate Towers after work the other day. There somehow were even more decorations than before. I couldn’t resist taking a couple more pictures.


On the Corner


Anjo has some rather interesting buildings and a ton of greenery. I don’t get the chance to visit often anymore, though I do often go to the neighboring city of Okazaki a lot for work. I do miss my old school and many of the students. After talking with an ex-coworker, I may be heading back there at the end of the year for the bonenkai party. Hopefully there’ll be some people up for late night karaoke afterwards.

Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

That Time of Year Again Pt.2


There were many trees at Okazaki Aeon Mall and a lot of them had color-changing lights. All the tress were white with soft pastel details and lots of reflective decorations. From the skylights hung translucent snowflakes.