Going Up

My moods been slowly, but steadily going up. The work week is over and I have plans to go out with a few friends tomorrow.

Aichi Arts Center Pt. 3

For all the exploring I did, I think it’s a little funny that I didn’t set foot in the museum. I was pretty tired, so I rested a few minutes, sent off a few texts, and decided that I spent enough time ignoring the mess in my apartment. So, I rode the elevator down to […]

Aichi Arts Center Pt. 2

While exploring the building, I must have looked quite silly, if no a little crazy.  At the same time, I was spamming pictures to my friend in New York. In Japan, all cameras are required to make a shutter sound, so imagine an endless string of katcha sounds.  Luckly, most people opted to take the […]

Aichi Arts Center Pt. 1

While looking for something to do in the Sakae area, I stumbled upon the underground entrance to the Aichi Arts Center. This building houses the Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art, a theature, and several other arts related facilities. The building is quite stunning, so I decided to take the escalators up all 11 floors as to […]

To the Friend I never met…

In a previous post, I mentioned having an online friend to whom I was very close with. This person, I met through one of my older blogs, one which has long since been taken down. I don’t know if he felt the same, or if I was just someone to kill time talking to while […]

Welcome to Glenview

Also known as the John Bond Trevor House, construction began in 1876 and ended in 1877. It was designed by Charles W. Clinton. In 1919, after being vacant for some time, it was made into a museum.  In 1967, the rest of the Hudson River Museum was built around the Glenview and restoration on the building […]