It’s still pretty warm in Aichi even though we’re entering the typhoon season. On the way to work, I ran into this little guy. I had to take a picture.

Getting Ready for Autumn

I made a friend the other day, after getting out of work. She was outside my window, seemly too cold to fly to a warmer spot. She had been looking in, and seemed really friendly (bumblebees are awesome like that), so I scooped her up and relocated her to a bush next to the building’s […]

My Fuzzy Little Friend

Meet Patrick, a Wooly Bear Caterpillar, who lives in the walking trails of Bronxville, New York. His hobbies are eating and… well, mostly eating, really. He’s super soft and very friendly, as he allowed me to pick him up with no issues and refused to be put back down afterwards. He seems to like being […]

Wild Wollybear

According to Google, this caterpillar appears in the fall, goes into hibernation during the winter, and then becomes a moth in the spring.  I found this cutie while walking a path with my brother. There is an old legend connected to this critter, stating that the more black one has, the worse the coming winter […]