Nishio City

Another assignment I had this week took me to Nishio. It’s considered rural and is near Gamagori if I remember right. It’s famous for green tea, I was told by multiple people.

To get to my school, I needed to catch a bus at the train station. Having gotten there quite early, I popped into the tourist information and souvenir shop. The lady at the desk was excited to tell me all about the city, its tea, and asked me to one day consider moving there.

Then, while waiting for the bus, I struck up a conversation with an elderly couple. They had plenty of questions and were happy to chat until the bus arrived.

At the bus stop, there was this cute little statue welcoming people to the city. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend trying the tea, as it is really good. You can get it at a tea house or in can form at a souvenir shop or vending machine for about ¥130.


Lou, protector of the lady’s loo.

While out with my friend V, afyer work, I had to use the facilites at a local park. This place was a bit country, so there was no end to the lovely creepy crawlies taking up residence there. One such citizen was Lou, who was chilling opposite the Japanese style squat toilet. Lou kept guard while I did my business, and later hopped further up the wall, when I came closer to give my thanks.