Happy Hina Matsuri

It’s Hina Matsuri (aka Girls’ Day) here in Japan and the station nearest my current assignment is displaying a pair of traditional dolls.

The city is also holding an exhibition of similar dolls until the 10th of March.


More Decorations

At the JR Gate Towers building in Nagoya, the holiday decorations are already starting to be put up. 
There are small christmas trees everywhere with pretty flower arrangements nearby. The trees in front of the station are also covered in lights. The big tree in the main hall hasn’t gone up yet, but I guess they’ll remedy that soon enough.

Almost Christmas

2015-12-13 10.48.56

I’ve been counting down the days until Christmas since last week. I don’t really have any concrete plans, save for hanging out with mom and some cat sitting, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m looking forward to a quiet holiday and a few days off.

2015-12-13 10.47.34

Today, my boss gave me a Christmas present of tea and a new mug to drink it out of. The tea set is from the UK and comes packed with 90 teabags of delicious black tea. I’m going to enjoy drinking it during my 4 day weekend. It will go well with the sugar cookies my friend promised me.

2015-12-13 10.47.09

Speaking of friends, I need to figure out when/where we should meet up to exchange gifts. I like watching people’s faces light up while they open up their gifts. It might be selfish (and ego boosting) but I feel good when they like what I get them. That’s the best part of the holidays.

2015-12-13 10.48.07