Plenty of Rain

The past two rainy seasons were incredibly mild, so it looks like we’re making up for it this year.


A Secret Hidden Place

Their feet were heavy as lead. Their throats were dry as deserts. Their packs were hollow. They did not have the strength to go much further.

But it seemed they did not have to. Just when all seemed lost, they stumbled upon this place.

An ancient place. Forgotten. Disused, but still good. It would be enough.

The old ones build this place, though no one could fathom how or why. What had it been for, with its tiny rooms, tiny fountains, and oddly shaped seats? Tiny rooms of prayer, perhaps?

The travelers, lay down their empty packs at the entrance. They bowed at the miniature fountains lining the walls. Behind a lush green curtain, a dull silver hid. The bravest of the travelers ran a hand over it and was greeted by a familiar face.

After drinking their fill from rusted taps, the travelers rested, before gathering their things and continuing on once more.

They did not dwell on this old place, for it had been built long ago and by the old ones, who had shuffled off the mortal coil eons before the current era.


Legends they were, nothing more.

Flower Fridays 01

I saw a lot of different types of flowers when I visited California. Most of them I don’t have names for.

These flowers were especially beautiful because they reminded me of fire.

They were planted not far from our hotel and it was mom that pointed them out. On our last day, we both got up early, and while mom was buying some coffee, I took a few pictures.


Recently I’ve been wishing to escape more and more, although I’m mostly where I’d like yo be. I do love living abroad, and for the most part I do love teaching, but there have been a few people that I do not enjoy being around as of late and tasks I can’t stand doing.

During those times, my mind wanders to undiscovered lands, uninhabited by people, and filled will all sorts of vegetation. I imagine napping under an ancient tree in a pleasantly warm climate. How nice that would be…

T-Minus 37.5 Hours

I will be moving out of my apartment in Anjo in about 37.5 hours. In that time, I still need to finish packing, finish cleaning, get the key from the Leopalace office in Nagoya, call the gas company, run a few personal errands, order new furnature,  and try to find a couple of hours of sleep. Wish me luck.

For Want of Gardens


Since moving, I’ve been wanting to start my own garden. However, I don’t yet know much about my work status past September, so I hesitate to accumulate yet more stuff. I still have my cactus Saboten (bought when I still worked in Tajimi), which I brought with me to Anjo. It was a pain to bring, even though I hired a moving truck, so imagine if I do get more plants. Also, I never really had a green-thumb, so to speak. Saboten is looking quite worse for wear, despite my best efforts. I will have to think more about this.