Small, handheld fireworks are totally legal in Japan, and I am taking full advantage. Lucky for me, I also live near a park where I can set the things off. I’ll try not to blow off a hand, keyword being try.


Sunset Over Osaka


In September I took a short daytrip to Osaka for my birthday. On the way home, I visited a place called the Umeda Sky Building. For a thousand yen, or roughly nine dollars US, you can ride to the top of this unique building to see a breathtaking view.

A Lovely Sort of Orange


Brother and I went on another walk this weekend. This time we went through Bronxville Park (which was originally called a conservatory and established in 1913, according to a plaque we found on a rock while exploring) before I had to go to work. The weather wasn’t too bad, but that could have been because of all the layers I wear for work (it’s cold where I work).


We walked for about an hour or so and found some interesting things. We found furry caterpillars, odd birds, playful puppies, and a goose that wanted to come home with us. Like I said, it was interesting hour.


We also noticed that the water levels were really low this weekend. That lead to a bunch of miniature islands to sprout up  in various places along the river. It was odd to see, but we assumed it had happened due to a lack of rain this month. There was only one or two days of rain that I remember particularly clearly.



I hope to go back again soon, before all the leaves are gone. I want to take a few more pictures and enjoy nature a bit more before the cold really starts to set in. I abhor the cold, so I end up staying home and under my blankets, whenever I don’t need to be at work. I am going to try to break that habit this year and try to go out at least a little bit…

An Autumn Walk


I went out walking with Brother recently. All the trees are turning a lovely gold color, contrary to my expectations. I was certain that fall would miss us this year, but seems we might just get a little autumn after all. For that I’m glad.

It was really chilly out and very windy, but overall nice. It’s November, so it’s to be expected, but I’m missing those 70 degree days already. However, today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. I can get into that.


If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a lot of assignments due this week, I’d take advantage of tomorrow’s free day at the botanical gardens tomorrow. I would totally sneak out early and take a walk for a few hours. Maybe I can see if I can finish my work tonight and wake up early to go, before heading to my internship? Yes, I know, I’m a horrible horrible person…

But I like nature too damn much! And it’s going to be cold soon! ((I don’t like the cold))

I’ll figure something out… but remember, this all hinges on my getting my paper done tonight and not being too dead after pulling another all nighter. Wish me luck!