Glass Cranes

A chandelier made of glass cranes in Komaki, Aichi Prefecture.


A Little Humidifier

Won this cute humidifier in a UFO catcher in Osu a couple of weeks ago. Figured it was a good time to try it out after waking up feeling a little under the weather.

248 of 365

It’s such a rainy day today. Very cool, very wet, very dreary. A perfect day to go to the dentist and get some work done.

Had to fill a cavity in, which involved getting a shot of novocaine into the crook of my jaw. Fun. So, now I can’t open my mouth more than a half centimetre and half my tongue is all tingly. Before, my tonsils went numb. I really hate when they can’t shot the novocaine straight into the surrounding gums.

247 of 365

Time goes by so fast these days, it seems. I remember, as a kid, I used to complain so much that time never moved fast enough. My mom would often– and still does– warn me that once you reached a certain age it would fly by and that I would want those slow moving days back. She was right.

Today marks “the last day of summer” by American standards. It’s labor day, a day that is for rest. It is also the day to acknowledge that the time for rest is over (for most the end of June through today is considered “vacation time” in some form or another). Soon, kids will go back to school, and everyone will start gearing up towards the holidays– which starts earlier and earlier each year.