2019 Photo Journal

Down the Road, in the Rain

Jay, a coworker, suggested I go for a walk since we got out of work at a reasonable time for a change. He gave me directions for a shrine he thought interesting, but me being me got all turned around. Eventally, I found this.

2016 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

A Shrine in Inuyama

2016-07-04 11.11.31

I recently tried going to Inuyama, to see a famous castle there. It’s said that the castle is about 500 years old, so liking old stuff, I jumped on a train and went. However, I didn’t factor the time it takes to get from Nagoya to Inuyama (Gifu, I think?), so it was closed by the time I got there.

So, I went for a walk around the area instead.

I came across this shrine, which I made a small offering at, and bought a few things to take back with me. I also came across a lot of really old houses, though I didn’t take any pictures, since they are still private residences.

Once the weather isn’t so muggy, I plan to go back.