I’m embarrassed to admit it but I was so prickly today. Everything and almost everyone irritated me. Hopefully I’ll calm down after a nice weekend.

Flowers in Nagoya

At a major intersection in downtown Nagoya, someone has set up an intricate flower display. A small garden shed like building was erected and surrounded by flowers of different kinds. There is even a little path from one end to the other if you wish to walk through. Inside the shed, there are yet more […]

Small Flowers

My garden has been doing well as of late. At the start of the summer, I had a little scare with some wilting and the death of one of my marigolds. I’ve since discovered that my apartment is prone to overheating during the afternoon, which means I need to water more frequently.


When I started this blog I never imagined that I would ever write so many posts. It all started out as a challenge to myself to see if I could post a picture a day– I couldn’t– back in 2011. It slowly morphed into something of a journal before becoming what it is now. Where […]

Hanami at Home

Due to Coronavirus, many public events are on indefinite hiatus, including hanami. Hanami is a spring tradition of eating, drinking, and socializing under the cherry trees. It usually involves being packed into confined spaces with strangers and friends alike, so it’s a total no go these days. That said, my local supermarket came up with […]

Feeling a Bit more Positive

So, I recently started a new work assignment late last week. It’s a bit further away from my home, but the atmosphere amongst my colleagues is a thousand times better than my last assignment. The previous assignment had me at a certain office for four to five days a week and I found it difficult […]

Gardening Sale

Friday was a national holiday celebrating the Spring Equinox. Because of that I decided to do a bit of work in my garden. I was able to get some new plants for around ¥80 to ¥100 each, so I bought 12. I spent a couple of hours planting them.


This plant has been growing like crazy ever since I bought it. A couple of months ago, I tried staking it to grow around 3 chopstics, but it continues to grow out of control. Debating whether or not to buy a terrace for it or let it wind its way around the furniture.