I spent the weekend redecorating my room. On Sunday, I went to Nitori and bought two new pieces of furnature. Then I hit up Daiso for accessories and small home goods. One thing I picked up there was a small, battery powered fountain. On Monday, the furnature was delivered and I spent the evening putting […]

A Trip to the Zoo

Since the weather wasn’t too cold, I decided to go to the zoo after my weekly Japanese class. The zoo was only a few stops away from my school in Imaike.  So, after I got my homework assignment from the teacher, I grabbed a snack, and hopped on the train bound for Higashiyama Park. About fifteen […]

Oasis 21 at Night

The weather has been wonderful, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of it. After almost a year in the center of Nagoya, I’m being transferred to Anjo City. While it won’t be impossible to come to the big city, it will take much longer and be a bit more expensive. During my walks, I […]

Oasis 21

  Oasis 21 is an interesting spot in the Sakae area of Nagoya. It’s surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and parks. This is the Spaceship-Aqua portion of the structure. It’s completely free to visit and very close to the Nagoya TV Tower (another famous Nagoya landmark).


I would really love to snag an office job, somewhere in the city, after my contract with the school ends. Something with a lot of paperwork– a cubicle would be nice– and little customer service work. I want to be a pencil pusher. That’s my current dream. I want to make a decent salary and […]


Brother and I have decided that we should visit the city much more often. We’re thinking that we’ll visit at least once a month, now that we’ve found easier (cheaper) methods of travel. In the past, a trip to Manhattan was a treat, a special occasion, as the train fare would be around $30 for […]

Freeze Frame

Brother and I were able to go to Bryant Park recently. The weather is improving quickly, so we made sure to spend some time outside. I couldn’t resist sitting by the fountain for a bit, before we went off in search of something interesting.


As unnerved as I am around large bodies of water, I do have a certain fondness for fountains. This is from a fountain in White Plains, near what I have dubbed ‘The Glass Starbucks.’