2020 Photo Journal

Yuzu Jelly

There’s nothing like a jelly fresh from the fridge to beat the heat on a hot day. This one happens to be a yuzu, or Japanese citrus, one bought from a shop in Akaike.

It wasn’t super sweet nor was it incredibly sour. It was just perfect for dessert.

2020 Photo Journal

Giri Choco Attack

The finished product.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so that means that I should give chocolate to my coworkers. This is known as girichoco or obligation chocolate here in Japan.

Cute cat themed chocolate tins decorated with cats and shaped like cats.

So, I went to the shop and bought supplies last weekend. I bought 40 mini tins, 6 bars of milk chocolate, and a few odds and ends for packaging.

Filling up the molds using a spoon took forever.

I microwaved the broken up chocolate in batches and used a spoon and silicone spatula to get it into the tins. Then I shook them a bit to get everything even, before chilling them.

I’ll be handing them out tomorrow. I’ll be in the head office, so 3 departments will be bombed with chocolate.

Photo Journal


Both of the dishes here were made using things bought at the convenience store. Instant oyakodon sauce with microwave rice. Salad thrown together from bagged veggies and pickles. All in all very delicious and costing under ¥500.

2019 Photo Journal

A Nice Dinner

I went out with a couple of friends last night. We met up after work and then headed to downtown Nagoya. My friend N know a swanky bar/restaurant, so we went there for a couple of hours.

We ordered drinks along with some things to pick at. We had to wait for another friend, J, because os a snafu with the trains. So, N and I nibbled on come caprese and meats.

Once he arrived, we ordered more drinks, a sausage platter, and some fried chicken. By then, we weee pretty hungry so we dug straight in and I forgot to get some pictures.

2019 Photo Journal


Tuesday is a national holiday, which means I get a 3 day weekend, since my usual days off are Sunday and Monday. Originally I had planned to do a bit of traveling, but while my mind is more than willing, th body just isn’t.

2019 Photo Journal

Oden Season

One of my favourite fall foods is Oden. It’s a Japanese hotpot style dish, with lots of different ingredients, and is sold all throughout Japan during the cooler months. The Familymart near my current school started selling it a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been enjoying it since.

2017 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

Obonyasumi Day 4 SQUARE ENIX CAFE

Did you know that I’m a huge video game nerd? Well, now you do.

Yesterday was overcast and a bit rainy, but didn’t stop us from waking up early to explore. I woke up around six, but didn’t get out of bed until nearly six thirty. That’s also something my body has forgotten all about: a legit bed. I’ve been sleeping on futons, in chairs, standing on packed trains, people’s floors, uncomfortable highway bus seats, and the occasional internet cafe recliner for the past year. Needless to say, I was out as soon as my body hit the bed.

After going to a few temples, eating shaved ices, and saying hello to the local yam-man (who now also serves corn), I headed back to Tokyo to see if the Square Enix cafe was open. 

I’ve been a huge fan of their games since I was in middle school and have been to their shop when I visited Japan five years ago. 

Well, of course I got lost in the station. I had to take the Oedo Line one stop and walk a couple of minutes. I found it eventually and added my name to the long waiting list for access to the cafe. I planned to try their smoked salmon salad and a cup of tea, but I had to wait so long that I had to order from the dinner menu. I ordered a smoked salmon salad and an apple juice for about ¥850. They were…okay.

The store itself was pretty small and focused on selling overpriced merch, which I did end up buying. I am now the proud owner if a small plastic Laguna Loire keyfob. Set me back a little over ¥700. 

2017 Photo Journal

An Experiment


After talking with a friend, I set up a makeshift recording studio for the creation of youtube videos. The premise is talking about and reviewing interesting foods, drinks, and snacks I find here in Japan. The videos are mostly a way to share some of my experiences with folks back in New York and it looks like it will take me some time to get used to the new format.


That isn’t to say I’m giving up blogging. Hell no! But think of it as a suppliment to my usual content. If you are interested, you can find my channel here. It has a few travel and nature videos as well.

2017 Kansai (関西) Photo Journal

Yakitori in Osaka


Late last month, I took a short trip to Osaka for some sightseeing. It really was a spur of the moment trip. I had wanted to do some sort of traveling, but tickets to Tokyo Disney (where I originally wanted to go) were sold out, so I ended up looking up bus tickets at 5 pm, Sunday night. I bought a round trip, with my bus leaving at 6:30 that night, and the return trip scheduled to arrive back in Nagoya around 5:30 pm Monday evening. I made a reservation for a capsule hotel while the bus was leaving the terminal.

It took some time to find my hotel (I arrived in Osaka around 9:30), during which time I found this interesting chicken restaurant. It could hold about 10 customers max, with 2 staff members and a grill. It specialized in yakitori (grilled chicken on skewers), which I ordered a decent amount. It cost me around $10 for my fill of chicken.

I realized after the fact that it was about 5 metres from my hotel.

2016 Photo Journal

Kitkat Otoshidama


The post office just released these special edition kit kats today. They’re available for a limited time for ¥140 and contain 3 candies. I wad mailing a letter when I saw them on the counter, so I bought one of each design to give out during New Years. I heard they sell out fast, so I’m happy to be one of the first people to get them.