I dub this the fluffy pompom flower. It’s another one of the strange plants I saw at the Higashiyama Botanical Garden greenhouse. 


Last Day Teaching

Today is my last day teaching classes, while tomorrow will be my last day working at Anjo school. I can hardly believe it. In September of last year, I started working there part-time. In April, I was re-assigned to Nagoya HQ, but I returned in mid-May. 

Since then, I have been working exclusively in Anjo. Now, a new teacher is here and I am supposed to teach her my entire job in a span of about 18 hours.
I have also had to tell my students that they were switching teachers again, some of which are very unhappy. Never have I thought myself much of a teacher, but some of the people I have met are really lovely.

My First Non-Company-Owned Apartment 

Tomorrow I sign a lease for my new apartment. The new teacher is coming to Anjo a couple of days after my birthday and will be taking my current living space. To make things easier for myself, as well as have a space to put off my stuff, I asked my boss if I could move early. She said yes, so I will be moving back to Nagoya the day after my birthday and will be making a commute for my remaining four days of work.

Growing Nearer


August is almost over and with it, my time in Anjo. In mid-September, my contract ends, and I will be returning to Nagoya. I don’t have much in the way of plans yet, other than to move into a new apartment and look for a new job. Now I have a little over a year of EFL classroom experience under my belt, and a JLPT score to help. I do need to improve my Japanese a lot though, if I want a really good job. I think I can pass the N4, but I want to aim a little higher this year with the N3. That means I need some serious study and a teacher. Any takers?

Candy Stripes


These flowers have been popping up all over the place recently. I’m not entirely sure what sort it is (maybe a carnation or some sort?), but they’re pretty. I could use some pretty right now.

This week has been a bit difficult. I’m in the middle of a rather tiring assignment, where I am splitting my time between two schools and the office. The majority of my classes have been in Mie Prefecture, in a city called Tsu. It is a bit over an hour, by train, from where I live. In the mornings, the company has agreed to pay for the express train (just under one hour), but I need to take the local home via the Kintetsu Line (just over an hour). I do this three times a week.