Flowers at Toyohashi Station

I’ve been assigned to a school in Toyohashi for the majority of October, so I’ve been going through said station quite a lot. Recently, the decoration committee replaced some of the flowers next to the station. It might have something to do with the upcoming festival this weekend.


An Attempt was Made

Monday, I bought a couple of flowers on my way home from the phone shop. Having a little cash this month, and needing a change, I picked out two chrysanthemums and a cheap bunch of filler leaves. I had an idea of what I wanted, but no actual experience handling flowers.

I only had a rough layout in my mind: the white one would be taller and the leaves in the back would make a W shape.

Once I got home, I took out a vase that I never used, and started cutting. I remembered mom always said to cut the stems on an angle. From there, I arranged the flowers how I wanted them before putting them in the vase.

Big mistake. The neck of the vase was yoo narrow to use everything, so I put the flowers first, then added the greens.

Silk Flowers


Having a few days off, I was able to meet up for lunch with a friend, who I haven’t been able to see for a while. Both of out schedules are pretty crazy, though we so have similar jobs, so we’ve been able to do anything but the occasional text message.

Recently, we did share a meal and talk for a long while. She did the cooking, and let Mr tell you, it was amazing as always!! Slow cooked pork, vegetables in red miso, Japanese style potato salad, and salmon (the meat around the jaw bone is especially tasty) over rice. I ate soooo much!


Where we met, there were a lovely silk flower arrangement, that I just had to get a few pictures of. Next to it was a box asking for donations for the local flower garden. I asked my friend if she thought it acceptable if I offered a donation of seeds, which I have been holding on to for a while.


When Boo passed, I was given a packet of wildflower seeds to plant in her memory. However, I live in an apartment which doesn’t get much in the way of light. That said, I never saw the point in planting them. I would love to see them blooming though.