Toyohashi Station Flower Arrangement

I love that even in winter, we can still see flowers and such. This was an arrangement that was placed adjacent to the turnstiles at Toyohashi station around Christmas time. This is actually the second of two arrangements, the first of which was displayed from the week preceding to Christmas eve, followed by this one […]

Flowers in Nagoya

At a major intersection in downtown Nagoya, someone has set up an intricate flower display. A small garden shed like building was erected and surrounded by flowers of different kinds. There is even a little path from one end to the other if you wish to walk through. Inside the shed, there are yet more […]

Artificial Hanami

On the way home Friday night, I passed these artificial flowers at my office. I thought that they were rather pretty, even late at night.

Office Flowers

My office has large artificial flower displays, which are changed seasonally, next to the elevators on each floor. This is the one next to the elevators in the lobby.

Toyota City Picture Spot

The city of Toyota hosted the Rugby World Cup this year and because of which, the city also set aside many photo spots for foreign tourists. One such place is in the building where I am currently working. It is visible straight away once you enter through the second floor entrance. It is set up […]

Flowers at Lunch

This month has been a trying one. It’s the middle of the busy season in Japan, so we’ve been running around like chickens without heads. Today was my first slower day all month, since two of my lessons got canceled. It’s also my last week at my current assignment, so I wad given a little […]

Weekend Bliss

The weekend has once again rolled around and I couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow I’m meeting some friends for D&D, hopefully followed by some karaoke. I really want to try out a new song I’ve been practicing.

Pale, Little Buds

Today, I heard some interesting news. A higher up told me that I’ll be moving to new branch come April. I’ve been at my current branch since last October and the commute is really getting to me. It’s about one hour each way. Here’s to hoping for a shorter commute and a good work environment!