The Wild Derpfish

Last weekend I went to a garden with a large pond filled with Koi. For 100 yen, visitors could buy a cup of pellets to feed to the fish. The koi are actually really keen on people, since they associate them with food. Even if you don’t have food, they still come to the water’s […]


Are jellyfish really made out of jelly? If so, what kind? Mint? Apple? When I was a kid, I did think that they really were. I thought that if you managed to catch one at the beach, you could just pick up one and eat it. While, I have heard that jellyfish are eaten in […]

The Waiting Game

I hate waiting for things. Over the years, I’ve gotten better at hiding my fidgeting and quelling my visual frustrations, but deep inside I hate to wait. For anything. I think it has to do with not knowing how things will turn out. It gives me time to think– lots of time actually– and my […]

Birthday Sushi

My birthday was earlier this week, so Mom took me out for dinner. She got a chirashi-don (a bowl of rice with various fish/toppings), while I got a hamachi-don (a bowl of rice with yellowtail sashimi) and a couple of salmon rolls. It was all very good. Part of the fun was helping Mom identify […]


My mom and I both love sushi. Recently we went to a great resturant by my mom’s job, owned by someone I used to work with a long long time ago. When I used to work in the bakery section of the supermarket, the sushi chief there left to start his own business. A few […]