Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan. A few minutes away from the station, there is a small river filled with enormous carp. On my day off, I spent some time watching them swim around and eat cherry blossom petals from the surface of the water.

Nagoya Aquarium

My friend V invited me to the aquarium on Saturday. It was a natural holiday, so it was especially busy, but we to get some good shots. There was a special exibit on jellyfish, which was super cool. We managed to also see some dolphins close up while the aquarium was preparing a show. The […]

The Derpfish of Osaka Aquarium

My winter vacation has started, so what better way than to take a mini-trip to Osaka? This trip included a cruise, the aquarium, and a ride on the world’s biggest ferris wheel. At the aquarium, I found this guy. Hes curious about and trying to hide away from the various visitors.

Yet More Jellyfish

I was going through my phone, trying to clear up some extra space when I found this photo from the last time I went to the aquarium, during Golden Week. After I found it, I sent it to a friend and he said that I should post it. I laughed it off, saying I probably […]