Firework Fridays 2017.06

We were starved by the time we made it back to the tarp, so we ripped those chips open and went to town on them. We got three bags, each a different flavour. We got salt, seaweed, and sour plum. 

Then it was just a matter of waiting. We got comfortable and chatted untill the show started.

We had aready decided to leave a bit early, so we could try to beat the crowd back to the station.

Depending on the event, it can take hours to get home, and we didn’t want to stand around in that heat. 

We had to wait about twenty five minutes to get the train home, which is nothing compared to those who waited. 

All in all it was a great outing.


Firework Fridays 2017.05

Once we got settled in our spot we realized we still had two hours before the show would begin. So we tried entertaining ourselves, but no dice. So, one of the girls there who workd in the same office that I used to–though in a different department, and I went in search of snacks. 

Nearby, there was a supermarket. We expected it would be a bit busy, since we couldn’t be the only ones who thought of going there, but nothing could have prepared us for the lines that greeted us once we finally got inside.

We ended up waiting on line for a half an hour for some bottles of tea, three bags of chips, a pack of fried wings, and some paper cups. Once we finished, we booked it back to the others, finding that other groups had taken over any available space. We had to carefully navigate our way between families and groups of coworkers.

Firework Fridays 2017.04

So, after the boat ride, we took a bus back to the station and visited a local karaoke place. It wasn’t one of the chain ones like Big Echo or Joysound or even Joy Joy, but an independent shop made from a converted house.
We sang for two hours while nursing literal kegs of softdrinks. My coworker, who comes off as super shy and softspoken, surprised the hell out everyone by breaking out into strong voiced Enka. My other coworker was pushed into singing Beatles music because he’s British. A friend of mine did only Disney, teaming up with the rest of the foreign girls to sing Make a Man Out of You from Mulan. I just stuck to Japanese pop songs from yester-years and encouraged anyone who knew these songs to sing along.
When we were done singing, we grabbed some shaved ices from a shop next door, and slowly made our way back to our spot. By that timd it was staring to get crowded.

Firework Fridays 2017.03

To continue my story from last week, after we mapped out our spot by the waterfront, we took a bus to the restaurant for lunch. It’s a pretty new place but it’s already super popular.
At the restaurant we grilled ourselves some barbecue. I had the pork and vegetables, while everyone else fought over the beef.

After that we tried a short boad ride around the sound. I’m normally terrified of ships and large bodies of water, but I really didn’t want to be that one guy, especially since everyone was so excited to go. Besides I figured I would get my revenge at karaoke later that day.

Firework Fridays 2017.02

Let’s continue Firework Friday with more pictures from the Gamagori Firework Display.

That day, we arrived at the station around 10:30 am. A coworker, the person who organized this outing, lives in Gamagori, while the rest of us live along the Tokaido Line. 

We made sure to reserve our spot early by putting down tarps, weighed down with plastic water bottles filled with tap water and an insane amount of duct tape. 

Firework Fridays 2017.01

Firework Fridays are an annual event on this blog which started a couple of years ago. 

My friends and I go to a fireworks show, I take a ton of pictures, and the best pictures get displayed here. 

This year we have a selection from Gamagori’s famous display at the end of July.