Neo Retro

I’ve been on a nostalgia kick recently. I’ve been watching old shows, looking at old pictures, and listening to my favorite music from my high school years. I know it probably won’t help things long term, but it’s been helping make the mornings a bit better. It’s usually once I get out of the house […]

Heaping Spoonfuls of Nostalgia

I’ve been finding myself feeling rather nostalgic as of late. I’ve been missing places, things, and people that haven’t been around for years. Every year I usually find myself feeling a bit blue come winter, but it rarely lasts this far into a new year. After doing a bit of googling, it seems this is […]

A year in Review

2017 is almost over. So what happened this year? What did I do with it? worked and traveled a lot  made some friends  said goodbye to a few friends got my own apartment took a Japanese test did important life stuff in a foreign language gained, lost, then regained weight accepted myself a bit more and […]

As it Goes

This week is both going very quickly and incredibly slow. I’ve been in the office most of the week, doing computer work. My schedule has also been irregular, with Thursday being an eleven to eight shift, and today being a nine to six one. Well, there’s only one more day before my weekend.

Adulting, Step 1 Complete!

Until now, Ive been living in apartments rented by the company. Today, I signed a lease for a Leopalace apartment under my name. I guess it’s my first real apartment. Next, I need to contact the utility companies to move my accounts back over to Nagoya. I also have to get the moving paperwork in […]

Return to the Cat Cafe

After months, I finally went back to that cat cafe I visited earlier this year. I found out recently that it had been closed for a bit due to renovations. It’s now a bit bigger with three cat rooms and a handful of new furry faces. The staff was lovely as always and I made […]

To the Friend I never met…

In a previous post, I mentioned having an online friend to whom I was very close with. This person, I met through one of my older blogs, one which has long since been taken down. I don’t know if he felt the same, or if I was just someone to kill time talking to while […]