Sakura Matsuri @ Night

Fujigaoka, Aichi This weekend, the city held a small festival to celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. After work, I needed to hit the supermarket before heading home so I had a reason to stick around. Most things were already closed up for the night though.

Toyohashi Oni Matsuri

Last weekend a bunch of coworkers and I went to the Toyohashi Oni Matsuri. My coworker D organized our outing, since he used to live in Toyohashi. First we met up at Nagoya station and then tool the train to Toyohashi station. From there, we rode a street tram to the venue. It was very […]

Toyohashi Ogre Festival Display

There’s a new display near the ticket gates of Toyohashi station. It’s promoting a festival on February 10th and 11th. It’s called the Toyohashi Ogre Festival. According to the sign, it’s going to be held at Akumikanbeshinmeisha Shrine in Toyohashi. If it’s not too cold, maybe I’ll go.

Ishidori Matsuri

My coworker, K, invited me to the Ishidori Festival this weekend. It’s a famous three day festival held in Kuwana. The festival starts in the evening around seven o’clock and last until about four. At midnight, floats play drums, ring gongs, and yell cheers.

Okazaki Cherry Blossom Festival Pt.1

The Okazaki Cherry Blossom Festival started a few days ago. People from all atound Aichi (and further, I’d bet) came to oogle the somewhat famous cherry trees. Now that the weather’s finally consistently warm, the trees are blooming up a storm. After work, I met up with a friend to try and enjoy a little […]

Anjo Tanabata Festival

Sorry for any blurriness in advance. This annual three day festival is famous across Japan as one of the best Tanabata festivals. As a resident, I can not help but partake in the festivities. It also helps that part of it set up right outside my workplace. Friday, I was only able to see a […]

Festival at Atsuta Shrine

  Today was my day off, so I decided to explore a bit. After looking around the building where I will be spending the next two weeks, I felt adventurous, and took a train to Atsuta Shrine. Well, I took a few trains really, since I got on the train headed in the wrong direction. […]


So, the festival… There were certainly a lot of people this year. Mostly children. As usual, there were stage shows (sword, dance, music, etc), calligraphy / origami demonstrations, kimono try-ons, and food, but trying to get anywhere near anything was near impossible. The line to get to the food stands were insanely long. As in, […]