A Proper Rainy Season

I think we’re going to get a proper rainy season this year. For the last few years, our Junes have been on the dry side in Aichi. This year, however, has been rather wet so far.

Rainy Days

Golden Week’s been pretty wet so far, but the forecasts call for some sun later in the week. Fingers crossed.

Parting Ways

A lot of people from my initial training group are going back to their respective countries this weekend, including the first friend I made here in Japan. A year has come and gone, so now their contracts are up and it’s time to go home. However, I and a very small few are staying here […]

Wrapping Up

Tonight I leave for Japan. I have lived in the same place, with my mom, for almost 30 years. Tonight, I will get into a car bound towards an airport one state away, to board a plane headed to Detroit. From there, I will get on another plane headed to Nagoya, Japan. Until now, I’ve […]