Obon Came and Went

Last week was our obon/summer vacation. Because of the current state of emergency and our company’s current restrictions, there wasn’t too much to do, except for stay home. During this time, I played two online games of D&D, did a couple of drawings, started writing a new story, and slept. I only went out to […]

A sketch after work

Today was an extremely tiring day, but instead of falling straight into bed, I decided to unwind a bit. I had meant to watch a video or two on YouTube, maybe listen to a few songs while eating dinner. However, I found myself in the mood to sketch, and ended up with this jelly fish […]

Aichi SoE Art Challenge: Days 4 & 5

A while back I wrote about an art challenge that I issued to myself when Aichi first put the state of emergency into effect. That challenge was to produce one piece of art for every day I was home under the SoE. However, in that time I only completed five pieces before turning my attention […]

Aichi SoE Art Challenge: Days 1 to 3

Recently, Aichi Prefecture declared a state of emergency, which caused a closure of many businesses. Because of this, I have had more time to work on personal endeavors at home. So, I challenged myself to produce a piece of art each day. As a theme, I decided on flowers. For medium, I pulled out a […]