2018 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

Sleeping Doggo

On our way to the Skytree, we came across an interesting reststop. At the corner of two rows of building, someone converted the tiny triangle of space into a vending machine corner, with a bin for garbage, a mirror for freshing up at, and a windowed alchove for their dog.

The drinks were all very cheap, costing on average around ¥100, so V and I stopped for a bit. We drank our tea while watching the cute dog nap. Not once did an eye open.

Once we were done, we binned out bottles, and wiped ourselves down with some handy wipes scented like lemons and mint. Then we headed back out into the heat towards the Tokyo Skytree.

Photo Journal

Meet Channel


This little Cutie’s become one of my best buddies over the last two months or so. She belongs to a friend’s cousin and is one of the sweetest critters I have ever met.

Usually, I’m not overly fond of dogs, but Channel is an exception. Normally, dogs have way too much energy for my tastes. Also, I’m told that my personality’s more like a stray cat’s, doing what I will when I will. Brother suggests that may also be a reason I dislike most dogs.

That isn’t to say I wish I’ll on any animal…