Where’re the Sweets?

At the Rescue Cafe, we could buy snacks and sweets to feed the animals. For the otters, there was a hole into the enclosure where you could hand it to them. Their little hands would come out of the hole and take it, before shoving it into their cute little faces. These two otters were […]


So, I woke up early to visit a hedgehog cafe. Being golden week, many places have lines down the block even before opening time. In response to this, I made an online reservation the day before. When I got there, as expected, there was a major line. Thankfully, a staff member was checking for reservations, […]

Purfect Portraits

Towards the end of my winter vacation, I took a quick visit to one of my favorite cat cafes in Yabacho. While there, I played with the kitties and tool some pictures. It had been a while since I had ladt visited an animal cafe, though I did try to visit a reptile one while in […]


Puppies are adorable. Any type of baby animal is cute in one way or another, but to me puppies and kittens take the cake. There’s a pet shop near my job in the city. Let me make it clear now that I do NOT condone these kinds of shops (which may use horrible things like […]

Lucky at Rest

Let me introduce my friend’s cat, Lucky. She is an affection sponge. She’s roughly the same age as Boo, though she is much bigger than Boo ever got. Lucky doesn’t discriminate when it comes to affection and she adores my brother. Since Boo passed, I’ve been getting my cat fix through her and her younger […]