A Bottle Full of Faries

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at making one of those faerie light jars, like you see all the time on Pinterest. I bought the supplies at the ¥100 shop: a small caning jar, two strands of LED lights, and a pack of batteries. Once home, I made a hole in the lid with […]

Back from the Kiln 

The post office delivered the bowl I made a few months ago in Okazaki. After deciding the shape and decorating the bowl, I sent it away to be fired and colored. After a month and a half, along with a delivery fee of ¥570, I have my dish ready to be used to hold candy.

Handmade Bowl

Friday was a holiday, so I went to the mall with a friend. There was a small grouping of tabled set up where you could try to make your own pottery.  The fee was ¥1200 for one piece, with an additional ¥700 fee if you wanted it shipped to your house after it was fired […]

Crafting with Ren

I’ve been doing a bit of crafting lately, in preparation for the holidays. This year’s theme is up-cycling. This is mostly due to my being a poor college student. But I have to admit that it’s been pretty fun. Also, Brother has been amazed by my “skills” whenever I text him a picture of my […]