2021 Photo Journal

A Side Street in Mariko

Last weekend, a friend and I visited a traditional handcrafts center in the town of Mariko, Shizuoka. There was made some windchimes, had a nice lunch, and went for a short walk. This is the entrance to someone’s house, along with the traditional gutter system, which these days are usually covered with stone slabs or metal grates. I couldn’t help but feel like it’s very reminiscent of a scene out of a Ghibli movie.

2019 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

A Return to Nishio

Recently I was given a short term assignment in Nishio City. It’s been a long while since I’ve last been there, so I was a bit surprised by a few of the changes.

First off, the souvenir shop at the station closed down. I was looking forward to looking through their charming Nishio Green Tea themed wares.

Second, the bus between the station and the school changed schedules, so there was no bus that would take me where I needed to go, which meant I had to walk the 1.3 kilometers. During that time, I passed a park and a castle. However, I was a bit short on time.

Finally, there were quite a few staff changes. Some good and some not so much…

Either way, it was nice to visit, and I hope to explore a bit more on my off time.

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Nishio City

Another assignment I had this week took me to Nishio. It’s considered rural and is near Gamagori if I remember right. It’s famous for green tea, I was told by multiple people.

To get to my school, I needed to catch a bus at the train station. Having gotten there quite early, I popped into the tourist information and souvenir shop. The lady at the desk was excited to tell me all about the city, its tea, and asked me to one day consider moving there.

Then, while waiting for the bus, I struck up a conversation with an elderly couple. They had plenty of questions and were happy to chat until the bus arrived.

At the bus stop, there was this cute little statue welcoming people to the city. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend trying the tea, as it is really good. You can get it at a tea house or in can form at a souvenir shop or vending machine for about ¥130.

2017 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Sleepy Little Town


Anjo is proving to be a sleepy little town after all. I spent the majority of the last weekend bumming around in my shorts and a tanktop, but halfway through Monday, I was feeling the call if the big city. There really isn’t anything interesting around my place aside from a few shops, an onsen, and a crappy cinema.