A Little Peace & Quiet

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about why silence is seen as a thing to be avoided, here in the States. People here seem so uncomfortable to let a conversation lapse for any period of time. Most people I know need to keep some sort of background noise going at all times of the day […]

The Wrong Way Home

I took the wrong bus home, recently, and ended up in South Yonkers. The bus dropped me off in Getty Square and I walked down to the waterfront shortly after. I had meant to try out that bus route as an alternative to my current one, which is often late. Instead of taking me in […]

The Skies Above

I look to the sky and let out the breath I’m holding. It’s going to be alright, I tell myself. The world isn’t ending, this is the beginning. The sun sets on one part of the world and rises in another.

Throwback Tuesday 002

Today, we have some sky shots from 2008. These were taken with a phone camera (if I remember right) while I was waiting for the train home from work. Around that time I was working in White Plains, if memory serves, in a doctor’s office. That was my first real office job and I learned […]


One day, I’ll be up there, looking down and watching as everything I’ve known gets smaller and smaller. A new life will begin and I will probably be pretty nervous. I’ll be leaving everything behind. My life will be stuffed into two suitcases and a carry-on. My link back home will be my phone. Even […]

La Luna

Went out with a couple of friends Sunday night. That night, the moon was especially beautiful. The clouds framed it just so… I just had to try and take a picture. And for once, it came out pretty decent…

Mount Fuji

For the first week of my stay in Japan, I stayed in Yamanashi Japan. From there, you can see many moutains, one of which is the famous Mt. Fuji. The food and people in Yamanashi are really great too. The local tomatoes are to die for and if you can, definately sample the local miso.

Blue Skies

Time’s been going by so fast this year. I can hardly believe that it’s March already. I know I’ve expressed this sentiment before, but I still have yet to comprehend the concept (of time). Just the other day I was counting down the days until April and the thought made me think of May. Usually, […]

256 of 365

It feels like I should say, “it’s been a long time,” even though it really hasn’t.  As I said in my earlier post, I’ve been practically living at work (how do the salarymen do it?!) in one form or another. Rather than complain the oh-so-fun doubles I’ve been pulling,  I want to talk about how […]

254 of 365 (Back-post)

So busy, so very busy. 9 through almost 6 at one job then 6 to 8 at the next. Didn’t get home until almost 9, fell asleep soon after. Apologies for lack of update. Photo: area near train station, taken from back seat of taxi on way between jobs.

252 of 365

I should apologise for my prolonged absence the last few days, as I was down with food poisoning and in really no shape to do anything but try to sleep it off. Today, however, I was in high spirits due to today being my 25th birthday. I received a lot of kindness today, for which […]