Preparing to Say Goodbye

My stay in Shizuoka is coming to an end next week, so I’ve been preparing my apartment, getting thinga in order for my replacement, and saying a lot of goodbyes. As much as I love Aichi, I’m really going to miss everyone in Shizuoka and the outgoing atmosphere found here. I hope when things become […]


Last weekend was a rainy one. I stayed mostly at home, cleaning and preparing for friends to come over next Sunday. I did venture out to hit up the local Nitori for seat cushions though. It was an interesting experience.

Another Evening Stroll

It’s continued to be extremely hot here in Nagoya. So much so, I spent almost all of my Summer Break in my room. With the exception of going to the Aquarium with V, I spent my waking hours watching DVDs or playing video games. Any time spent outdoors (again save for the aquarium) has been […]

Choppy Seas

So much is constantly changing. It’s making me pretty dizzy, to be honest. One moment I think my world is one way, but the next it’s the complete opposite. Work, for example, has been all over the place. For the past few months, I’ve been assigned to one type of assignment, but no I find […]

A frightful wind

Today was a terribly cold day. This morning the temperature was a balmy 18° F, with a windchill factor of -2° F! That’s the coldest we’ve been in a long time. We were spoiled until now with all the nice weather we had. In December the temperature never fell below 25° F. Most days it […]