More Decorations

At the JR Gate Towers building in Nagoya, the holiday decorations are already starting to be put up.  There are small christmas trees everywhere with pretty flower arrangements nearby. The trees in front of the station are also covered in lights. The big tree in the main hall hasn’t gone up yet, but I guess […]

Almost Christmas

I’ve been counting down the days until Christmas since last week. I don’t really have any concrete plans, save for hanging out with mom and some cat sitting, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m looking forward to a quiet holiday and a few days off. Today, my boss gave me a Christmas present of tea […]


The lights are back. The front of our apartment complex is covered in lights of varying sizes and colors. It looks fantastic at night, when I get home from work. It really improves my mood and cuts some of the winter-evening gloom caused by the sun setting at 4:30.

Holiday Leftovers

No, no, it’s not what you think! I don’t still have food left over from Christmas in my refrigerator, don’t worry. I’m not talking about those sorts of leftovers. I mean leftover holiday displays. Around where I live, a lot of people still have their decorations up. This might be due to the recent cold […]

Rest Ye Well Merry

“Merry Christmas” in advance to those who celebrate and “I hope you have a good couple of days” to those who don’t. May this time be filled with good food, a warm (for those in the North, like me) or cool (if you’re South) house, and happiness in whatever you do. I’m going to enjoy […]