Last weekend was a three day weekend so I decided to do something fun: visit the local cat cafe. It had been a while and the last time I went was a bit of a mixed bag as far as experiences went. This time I went alone and just focused on playing with the kitties.

Ending the Year at a Cat Cafe

I spent a sizable portion of new year’s eve at Cafe MoCHA in Sakae. There, I played with some cute kitties, while I waited for 2018 to end. Due to the holiday, the shop was busy, and it closed early. There was also the weekend/holiday price to concider. However, I did only spend about $28 […]

MoCHA Cat Cafe Yabacho

A new Cat Cafe, called MoCHA, opened in Nagoya last month. It’s only a minute or so from Yabacho Station, in the Sakae Become building. It shares the second floor with another themed cafe. Inside is a cat’s paradise, filled with comfy seating and tons of places to climb. The fees average around ¥1200 for […]