Second Bloom

When I bought this particular plant, it was already in bloom, with tiny red flowers. After those wilted about a week later, I resigned myself to owning an admittedly nice leafy plant. Imagine my surprise when it started to bloom once again.

Newer Pastures

This is my last full week of working in Mie Perfecture, for the foreseeable future. I’ll be commuting from my home in Nagoya to Mie three days next week to do crossover training with the new teacher. After that, I’ll mostly be at the office, save for a handful of assignments around Aichi.

Cherry Blossoms, by work

The cherry blossom tree, near my job, has started to bud. When I saw it, it made me so happy. This is how you know it’s really spring. Until I see these little buds, and watch the blossom, it’s not spring. Even if the calendar tries to tell me otherwise…

Cherry Blossoms Bloom

It’s that time of the year again: the annual cherry blossom festival! Unfortunately, I have work later today and won’t be able to go this year. However, I will be able to see some cherry blossoms every time I leave my house, when I teach at the school, and the next time I go up […]

Enjoyable Weather

The past week has been beautiful weather, which we’ve all been trying to take maximum advantage of. At the school, we’ve been doing a ton of outdoor activities, in attempts to help the kids de-stress after the state exams. After school, and on weekends, brother and I have been going for walks and running errands. […]


There has been a budding doubt in the back of my mind, which had been floating about my mind since the middle of December. It’s been “what now?” Now that I’m out of school, I’ve been feeling pressured to do something with myself now that I don’t have classes as an excuse. I had been […]