2021 Photo Journal

A River in Mid-Afternoon

On one of the few days where it wasn’t rainy or too hot, I went for a walk. In my city, there is this river, which hosts a wide array of life, including flying fish.

2021 Photo Journal

A Side Street in Mariko

Last weekend, a friend and I visited a traditional handcrafts center in the town of Mariko, Shizuoka. There was made some windchimes, had a nice lunch, and went for a short walk. This is the entrance to someone’s house, along with the traditional gutter system, which these days are usually covered with stone slabs or metal grates. I couldn’t help but feel like it’s very reminiscent of a scene out of a Ghibli movie.

2019 Photo Journal


Started working at a new school at the start of August. The interesting point of this particular location is the view.

My favourite is the restaurant around the corner. It serves the best grilled mackerel.

Oh, and the overhead higway bridge that shakes the school from time to time.

2018 Photo Journal

Crossing Bridges

Bridges are so cool.

2018 Photo Journal

The Start of Summer

What am I saying, it’s already here and has been here since the latter half of last week.

The rainy season’s over and now temperatures are high. It’s also been really muggy, so being outside can be unpleasant. However, this is still just the start of summer, so I’m expecting it will get hotter soon enough.

2016 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Nakamura Koen


Since I bought my bike, I’ve been able to go to so many more places. It cuts travel time down considerably and motivates my lazy self to exercise a bit.

One day, I decided that I would pick a direction, and bike straight for about fourty five minutes. I didn’t go straight. I didnt bike for just fourty five minutes. I didn’t pass go or collect two hundred dollars. But I did find a somewhat famous park.

2016 new york Photo Journal

Without Looking Back

2016-05-10 10.53.56

Today is my last day. I can’t believe it.

2016 new york Photo Journal


2016-03-06 09.52.37

I went back down to the city last weekend to meet some friends. Instead of taking the subway, which takes just over an hour, I splurged and took Metro North. Since I live close enough to the Bronx, I can buy a special City Ticket, and save almost half the cost of a regular ticket. These tickets are only available on the weekends, to people departing from stations that are located in one of New York’s five boroughs.

I rode from the very edge of the Bronx to Grand Central, with the trip taking about a half an hour. The train travels through the Bronx, Harlem, and part of Midtown Manhattan.

2016-03-06 09.54.28

There is a bridge just before you reach Harlem 125th Street Station. I always loved looking out the window whenever we go across it.

2016-03-06 09.56.14

To be honest, I don’t know all that much about Harlem, and have only been a handful of times. I know a lot of good music originated there, my favorite being jazz. Other than that, I am quite ignorant.

2015 Photo Journal

Lights on the Horizon


Today was a long day filled with complicated problem solving. For the life of everyone in my department, we couldn’t figure out why an important document refused to print correctly. We noticed that some of the numbers were displaying multiple times and some of the labels were nothing like what was being input, but we still can’t get the finalienable product to be 100% up to snuff. I poured over it all day and the closest I can figure is that another project we worked on two weeks ago messed this set of data up somehow.

By the time 5 pm was rolling around, I was near desperate to escape. I was looking for excuses to leave my desk and get out of dodge. I had at least two or three trips to the restroom or to the kitchen for more tea. I probably have severely weakened the structural integrity of my wheely chair. I checked Google more times than I probably should have.

I needed to get away from that spreadsheet, that horrible, awful spreadsheet of despair and no small amount of self-loathing.

2015 new york Photo Journal

Another Walk


Brother and I went walking again. This time it was a bit further along the Bronx River.


This area was more akin to a small forest than the last spot and had a cool little walkway under one of the bridges. The walkway was flush level with the water and the space between it and the bottom of the bridge was very small.


It was also very dark. From it, you could finally really see how deep the river is in some places (at least 5 feet). I loved it, my brother, not so much.


Brother and I want to go back when the fish start coming around again, since we think we can see them under the bridge, if we use flashlights.