An Experience

V and I tried a new karaoke place recently. It was a horror themed shop, where we could wear halloween costumes on loan from the shop if we so wanted to. The rooms and hallways were covered in decorations and the staff spoke like villians from those cheesy 1950s era horror movies. Next to each […]

Yet More Jellyfish

I was going through my phone, trying to clear up some extra space when I found this photo from the last time I went to the aquarium, during Golden Week. After I found it, I sent it to a friend and he said that I should post it. I laughed it off, saying I probably […]

Oasis 21

  Oasis 21 is an interesting spot in the Sakae area of Nagoya. It’s surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and parks. This is the Spaceship-Aqua portion of the structure. It’s completely free to visit and very close to the Nagoya TV Tower (another famous Nagoya landmark).

Art at the Science Museum

Right now, theres a cool exhibit at the local science museum, using projection mapping and LED lights. My friend and I have been meaning to go but have only gotten around to it recently. The admission is ¥1400 and grants access to the exhibit and most of the rest of the museum (sans Ice Room […]


Are jellyfish really made out of jelly? If so, what kind? Mint? Apple? When I was a kid, I did think that they really were. I thought that if you managed to catch one at the beach, you could just pick up one and eat it. While, I have heard that jellyfish are eaten in […]