Meet Bumfoot

This is Bumfoot, a pigeon who lives at the train station. He is incredibly friendly and has a habit of showing people his foot. Hence the name, Bumfoot. ((If you can’t tell, I’m terrible at naming things…)) I’m not sure what happened exactly but at some point, he broke his toes and they healed into […]

Duckies at Central Park

I explored a part of Central Park that I’ve never been to before. Took the subway to 110th street and entered from there. Not too far away was a large lake. There I met these cuties. They were pretty friendly even though I didn’t have any food with me. They seemed to be more interested […]


There is a bird living inside the Galleria Mall who enjoys hanging ¬†around the food court. The other day when some friends and I decided to get a snack there, the bird decided to say hello… and steal my fries…


Brother and I went for another walk and we came across this woodpecker. Judging by the colors (and lack there of) we are assuming it is female. Before this, I had never seen a woodpecker before. According to a little research on Google, she is a Ladderback Woodpecker. I think she’s rather pretty. She was […]

Feathered Friends

Today I saw a friend, whom I don’t often get to see. We met at Bronxville train station this afternoon before stopping at the near by Starbucks for drinks and catching up. Her school is close to there so she knows the area better than I do (I’ve only explored the area a few times […]