I’ve never understood why so many people dislike pidgeons. They are pretty fascinating and better behaved than a lot of other wild animals. In Nagoya, there’s a temple that cares for a large flock, where visitors can pay ¥50 for a plate of bird seed to give them. They are also incredibly friendly. I squatted […]

Steel Birds

Around Obu train station, there are metal rails with sparrow sized metal birds perched on top. I’ve been to the station at least half a dozen times but have only noticed them this morning. I didn’t see any info about the pieces or about the person(s) that made them. Most people around the station didn’t […]


It’s almost the weekend, the time for rest. This is an aproximation of what I’ll look like come Sunday morning.

Forest Owl

On Sunday, I went to an animal rescue cafe where we saw all sorts of animals. There were many different types of owls too and this little guy was determined to escape his bonds.

Baby Duckies

We met this adorable family at the foodcourt in the Pixar portion of Disneyland. Mama was pretty chill and let us fawn over her little ones.


Mom and I went for a walk by the Bronx River recently. She wanted to see some of the local places I like to photograph, before I go, so I showed her a couple of places that are easy for her to get to without having to drive. While we were there, we met some […]


I had a little time between buses yesterday, so I went down to the docks. Since it was pretty nice out, everyone was outside, birds and people and alike.