Tired Lioness

Monday was a holiday, so I went to the zoo. Normally, public places like museums, parks, and sightseeing spots tend to be closed on Mondays, but again because of the holiday, it was open. Instead, those places closed the following Tuesday. That said, the zoo was pretty packed. It was also a bit warm, so […]

I fits, I sits

Since I’ve been in Tokyo for almost a month on business, I’ve visited a few cat cafes. At one in Shinjuku, I met this lovely fur-child. This fun-baby’s favorite spot is next to the sinks. Every time I have ever gone to this particular establishment, this cat has been in almost the same exact spot.

Mr. Photogenic

When I went to the zoo this weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting this cool guy in the Big Cats enclosure. He or she was about as big as a large golden retriever and just as friendly. He walked back and forth between viewing stations, looking at and posing for visitors. He or she […]