2021 Photo Journal

A River in Mid-Afternoon

On one of the few days where it wasn’t rainy or too hot, I went for a walk. In my city, there is this river, which hosts a wide array of life, including flying fish.

2020 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

A Little Shop

The sign on the window states that:

1. You must wear a mask

2. Customers are to use hand sanitizer when entering

3. The max number of patrons is three people

I have no idea what this shop sells and it was closed when I passed it by at the station.

2020 Photo Journal

Walk Up

Have I ever mentioned that I strongly dislike stairs? I mean, walking down them isn’t so bad, provided there’s a rail and they aren’t too narrow. But going up… no thanks.

2020 Japan 2016~Current Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Furukawa Branch Museum Saburo Memorial

After visiting the main building of the Furukawa Art Museum, a staff member who was bringing an item to the Annex building was kind enough to show me the way and chat a bit. She took me though a shortcut and introduced the building and explaining that there was an antiques exibit that I might be interested in. As someone who loves old architecture and the art deco period in particular, I was more than happy to check it out.

The house-turned-museum is absolutely breathtaking. But for me, the antiques on display were even more so. There were household items, like glassware and flatware, as well as jewlery and handbags.

The best part though was being able to speak to an antiques specialist, who explained the history of some of the items that I was particularly interested in.

The exibit called Esprit Antique, hosted by Hideko Kitamura, is running until 6/28 (Sun) and contains 85 pieces.

2019 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

Tokyo Station

Did a daytrip up to Tokyo to visit a few friends. The return trip took me through Tokyo Station, so I had a quick look around, before catching the train home.

Tokyo Station is an absolutely beautiful mix of modern and Meiji Era design. As I’ve stated before, in my earlier posts about architecture, I love the era’s design aesthetic.

2019 Photo Journal


Started working at a new school at the start of August. The interesting point of this particular location is the view.

My favourite is the restaurant around the corner. It serves the best grilled mackerel.

Oh, and the overhead higway bridge that shakes the school from time to time.

2019 Photo Journal

Going Up

My moods been slowly, but steadily going up. The work week is over and I have plans to go out with a few friends tomorrow.

2019 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Gifu Station

My work often takes me through JR’s Gifu station as of late. I must admit that I find myself liking the layout and overall design of the station, even if I can’t really say the same for the rest of Gifu.

The station features a huge courtyard and food court. The majority of the walkways leading from the station are elevated and covered, which makes traveling in not-so-great weather much easier.

It’s a much nicer station that the Meitetsu one, a couple of blocks away. Props to whoever designed it.

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)


Nagoya, Meieki Area

2017 Photo Journal

Follow the Rainbow

...into a parking garage? Looks legit.