Cold Spring

Today, mama and I took a day trip to a tiny village up North, called Cold Spring. It’s known as a historic sitemail and has a ton of old buildings. The travel took some time, mostly because we had to transfer at Croton Harmon. You see, the train tracks north of Croton Harmon are not […]


This morning, a train broke down on the track ahead of us, so we were rerouted to another station. That caused our normally local train to skip several stops, including the one near my office. However, this route took us under the currently-in-construction Tappan Zee bridge, which was insanely cool! We were dropped off at […]

A Place to Put my Stuff

Brother and I have been talking a lot about moving as of late. He plans to get his own place soon and I’ve had the idea of moving overseas for a long time now. Eventually, we started to debate on which is preferable to live in: a house or an apartment. I’ve always preferred studio […]


I would really love to snag an office job, somewhere in the city, after my contract with the school ends. Something with a lot of paperwork– a cubicle would be nice– and little customer service work. I want to be a pencil pusher. That’s my current dream. I want to make a decent salary and […]


Brother and I have decided that we should visit the city much more often. We’re thinking that we’ll visit at least once a month, now that we’ve found easier (cheaper) methods of travel. In the past, a trip to Manhattan was a treat, a special occasion, as the train fare would be around $30 for […]

At the edge of the woods was an old house…

There was once an old cottage on the edge of the woods. In that cottage loved a little old woman, along with two young children, who she had been caring for. The children were brother and sister. The brother was a timid sort, who preferred to stay inside with his books all day. The sister, […]

Throwback Tuesday 007

  It’s hard to believe that Easter is almost here. Our school lost quite a few of our vacation days this week because of all the snow we had this winter. Due to those snow days, we lost two days this week, as well as the day after Easter. This has caused  a lot of […]

Throwback Tuesday 005

I found some pictures from my 2012 trip to Japan, while cleaning up my hard-drive. They brought back a lot of good memories of my time there. I stayed for 2 weeks, with one week spent in Yamanashi preficture, a few days spent in Tachikawa, and a few days spent in Ikebukuro. A good portion […]

Throwback Tuesday 004

When I was younger, I wanted to move to White Plains. I thought it was the height of sophistication, for some reason. I can admit that it is a beautiful city, especially in the spring and fall, but the allure has diminished somewhat as I’ve gotten older. To me, White Plains was what New York […]