I wonder what starfish think about…?


Yet More Jellyfish


I was going through my phone, trying to clear up some extra space when I found this photo from the last time I went to the aquarium, during Golden Week. After I found it, I sent it to a friend and he said that I should post it. I laughed it off, saying I probably already did, but after looking through the archives, it seems I didn’t. So, here you are.

Beluga Blue


There is just something too cute about Beluga Whales. I’m not sure if it’s because of their derpy faces due those weird head-air-liver-things or the fact that they are so damn friendly, but they have become one of my favorite animals.


When I went to the Aquarium, I spent about an hour in front of the Beluga enclosure. They loved to brush up against the glass between us and them. They did tricks for us, like swimming upside down and blowing bubbles. The also seemed to love have pictures taken, since they would flock around people with cameras and phones.


Next time I visit, I will bring a better camera.



Are jellyfish really made out of jelly? If so, what kind? Mint? Apple?


When I was a kid, I did think that they really were. I thought that if you managed to catch one at the beach, you could just pick up one and eat it. While, I have heard that jellyfish are eaten in some places, I don’t think I want to eat one any time soon.


That doesn’t mean that I dislike watching them, because they are really frigging awesome. They are just too cool!