I’ve never understood why so many people dislike pidgeons. They are pretty fascinating and better behaved than a lot of other wild animals. In Nagoya, there’s a temple that cares for a large flock, where visitors can pay ¥50 for a plate of bird seed to give them. They are also incredibly friendly. I squatted […]

Tired Lioness

Monday was a holiday, so I went to the zoo. Normally, public places like museums, parks, and sightseeing spots tend to be closed on Mondays, but again because of the holiday, it was open. Instead, those places closed the following Tuesday. That said, the zoo was pretty packed. It was also a bit warm, so […]

The Best Plan

This week was… interesting. I would like nothing more than to follow this cat’s example, but I’ve much to do this weekend. Ah well….

Where’re the Sweets?

At the Rescue Cafe, we could buy snacks and sweets to feed the animals. For the otters, there was a hole into the enclosure where you could hand it to them. Their little hands would come out of the hole and take it, before shoving it into their cute little faces. These two otters were […]

Forest Owl

On Sunday, I went to an animal rescue cafe where we saw all sorts of animals. There were many different types of owls too and this little guy was determined to escape his bonds.

A Return to Cafe Calico

A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a stop at Cafe Calico in Shinjuku. The cafe is a short ten minute walk from Shinjuku’s East exit. The fee is cheaper than most pet cafes and the staff there (both human and feline) are really friendly. Some of the staff also speak basic English if that’s […]

Baby Duckies

We met this adorable family at the foodcourt in the Pixar portion of Disneyland. Mama was pretty chill and let us fawn over her little ones.

A Trip to the Zoo

Since the weather wasn’t too cold, I decided to go to the zoo after my weekly Japanese class. The zoo was only a few stops away from my school in Imaike.  So, after I got my homework assignment from the teacher, I grabbed a snack, and hopped on the train bound for Higashiyama Park. About fifteen […]