2017 Photo Journal

Let Be


Sometimes, all you can do it let things be as they are, and hope for the best.

Yonkers, New York, United States.

2017 Photo Journal

Meet the Neighbours 01

Across from my current apartment complex, there’s an old abandoned house filled with stray cats. 
While it does look like something out of a horror movie, it was actually a big selling point for me. 

When I was give a tour of the room, by the real estate agent, he apologized for it when he caught my eyes lingering a little to long. I think he was taken back a little by me replying that I though it was cool.
Of course I have no intension of going inside, but I can admire it from the safety of my balcony. I’ve always been interested by old abandoned things like this and my new neighborhood has lots of cool things.

2015 new york Photo Journal

Moving Backwards (in time) — Glenwood Power Station


There is an abandoned power plant along the Hudson River that is more infamous, to the people of Yonkers, than any other. It was built at the turn of the century, used until roughly the 1960s, and then left to rot until now.


While I hear that a good portion of the inside is flooded, the dock behind it has sunken into the river, and that it’s an all around general health hazard, it looks surprisingly good all things considered. A lot of windows have been broken, and graffiti covers about a quarter of the structure (still not sure how one guy managed to tag the smokestack), you can easily imagine what it must have looked like back in the day.


From what information I can find online, it was built by the railroad to provide electric to the subway and above-ground trains, since they were ‘the thing’ around that time. Once it became cheaper to buy electric, rather than produce it, they sold the power plant to a company called Consolidated Edison (Con Ed). They used it for a while before closing it for good.


There are a lot of rumors about the place, such as it being used for satanic rituals and gang initiations. These rumors were proven false, but the place still has a bad rap. There are gates and such to keep people out, but it’s still insanely easy to get into, from what I could see.


Since getting this new job, I’ve passed it everyday on the train. Of course I’ve heard of it (and also promised several people that I would never set foot into the deathtrap) but never seen it so close before.


You see, the station right after the one I board from is a stone’s throw away from the side entrance. I like to imagine that an old model-T will come driving down the the dirt road at any moment. There are also the remains of train equipment nearby.


I also expect to see people running from zombies there (and in the space between the two buildings) too. I’m honestly surprised that the place isn’t used as a movie location more often, but from what I could see through the windows, a good portion of the structure probably isn’t safe to walk around.


Of course, that isn’t to say people haven’t gone inside to explore. If you would like to see pictures of the interior/exterior from those braver than me check out Scouting the Gates of Hell and Knocking at the Gates of Hell.