On the Hudson

The Hudson river flows (N to S) through Eastern New York. When mom and I visited Ghetty Square to get my passport, we also made sure to take a look at the river while we were there.

Just behind the Yonkers train station, there is a nice view of the water surrounded by Rockland counties, the Washington Bridge (to the far left) and a boat house (where there are tours and fishing).

Most of Yonker’s most important buildings are here. There’s the DMV (Department of Motor vehicles;  where one gets their driver’s licence or renews car ownership/plates) as well as Yonkers Postal Office (the main branch office, where one goes for a passport– which isn’t cheap by the way!)

The city is also trying to revitalize the area by making gardens, condos, and public places filled with interesting stores.



While we were down in the city, on our way to one of the bookstores, we came across a strange little antique shop. As soon as we saw the window, we were entranced and just had to go in. Photography was not allowed in the store unfortunately, but we got a few good shots through the windows.

They had everything from Asian imports, to full suite of knight’s armor, to furniture that looked fit to be served to Marie Antoinette. They even had a few pieces of china (one looked Russian) “on sale.”

The prices were impossible to read and it brought to mind what my mother always says, “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it…”

The highlight was a beautiful yellow jade ship-castle thingy. The reflections in the glass make it seem as though it’s underwater. The look reminds me of a very Chinese version of Dragon-Sea-King’s (Ryujin) castle!

I really wish I could remember where this store was…

Looking Up

Went to Manhattan with a friend recently. Couldn’t help but admire the architecture (like I always do when we go there).  We checked out all my favorite shops– like Uniqlo, kinokuniya, Barns & Nobles, and Book*Off (see a trend?)– and stopped a couple of times for snacks on the way. We debated calling out usual karaoke place to see if they had any rooms available, but in the end returned to the train to go home. Maybe next time we’ll go singing.

South West Yonkers

I needed to go to Ghetty Square to apply for a passport. Lately, the city has been trying to revitalize the area by adding new stores and restoring the waterfront. This area used to be hidden beneath a parking lot, but has been uncovered and worked to be a meeting place. The river you see is the Saw Mill. It flows under the Yonkers train station and into the Hudson river. More pictures are to come.

Natural Divide

The best path is not necessarily the easiest… Life is filled with hardship. Look at it as an aid in appreciating the good times.

I can speak from experience. “Safe” doesn’t have to lead to “happy.” Safe means safe, means little changes and little excitement. It only leads to wondering “what if?”

Try to live a little.