Doll House


In Grand Central, Target built a huge doll house. When my friend and I went yesterday, we had to stop to take a look.


Goodbye Friend


A dear friend of mine passed last weekend from cancer.

Boo was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about a month ago, when we took her to the vet for lethargy. They couldn’t give a positive outcome (they honestly didn’t expect her to last the weekend) but she surprised us all.

“Boo Kitty”
August 2002 ~ May 2013

Woodlands Lake


Woodlands Lake at V.E. Marcy Park in Ardsley. A land with a long history, according to the information boards surrounding the lake.

Sometimes brother and I like to take walks along the Saw Mill River path (which used to be a railway). During our last visit, we decided to start from Ardsley, and after an hour of walking found this lovely spot.



So, the festival…

There were certainly a lot of people this year. Mostly children.


As usual, there were stage shows (sword, dance, music, etc), calligraphy / origami demonstrations, kimono try-ons, and food, but trying to get anywhere near anything was near impossible.


The line to get to the food stands were insanely long. As in, across the park long. There were more foods available than usual. There was the  junk food stand, a takoyaki (round balls of pancake with octopus bits in the center) stand, and a yaki-niku / yakisoba (grilled meat / noodle) stand. When we arrived, mom got on line to buy our lunches, but after twenty minutes of not moving, she grabbed some pastry and teas from the junk food stand.

Maybe next year…