Firework Friday (pt3)


I’ve been thinking about what else I can say about fireworks.

For a lack of something else, I’ve decided to rank my favorite fireworks in terms of color. This little list starts with my favorite colors and ends with my least favorite. Feel free to tell me if I’ve missed a color, alright? I’ve also included a little comment as to why.


Renmi’s List of the Best Firework Colors

Blue— I think this one is just so beautiful against a night sky. I know it’s the rarest and most expensive (or so I’m told) so I understand why it isn’t used as much as other colors.
Purple— Like blue, this one contrasts with a night sky really well. Again, purple, I hear, is rare so that makes it all the more special when I see it being used.
Gold— The standard firework color. Simple but classy! I would prefer to see more gold fireworks in a show than to see red or green ones thrown in for the color.
Red— It’s nice, I guess. Maybe I’m just so used to seeing them I can’t see them as being anything special. Still better than green though.
Green— I absolutely hate green fireworks, which is funny since I love the color green. Besides gold, these are the ones I’ve come across most of the times I’ve seen fireworks. But to me, the color’s always looked washed out or something. Not a fan by any means…


Do you see what I mean? Green looks kind of faded.

But I digress…

Next week will be the last of in the Firework Friday series (at least this year) but maybe I’ll do it again next summer? Let me know what you think.



Fireworks Friday (pt2)


It’s Friday again, which means more fireworks.

These too were taken during the Fourth of July, using my phone, who I have nicknamed Nex-tan (can you guess what kind it is by the name alone?) and then screen captured in VLC player.


What can I tell you about fireworks, that I haven’t already said during my last F-Friday post? Well,  this is just personal opinion mind you, I think there should me more fireworks shows during the year for one. While I know they are pretty expensive, they are a great way to enhance a celebration. To my knowledge, I know of only two times a year that fireworks are used in the United States; the Fourth of July and New Years Eve. Think how brilliant it would be for there to me fireworks around, say, Christmas in Manhattan? Or just during the summer (maybe payed for by a few companies, with a bit of advertising thrown in?– I know I wouldn’t mind!)


I’m just saying it would be kind of cool.

Also, I wouldn’t mind lesser-grade (sparklers and the like) fireworks being removed from New York’s banned items list. That would be nice too.


By the Sea


Didn’t get to go to the beach as much as I promised myself I would. Not by a long shot. I mean, the beach isn’t my favorite place to be, but I’m trying to become a more rounded person by not avoiding things that don’t automatically appeal to me.

There are many things I like and there are things I dislike. There are things I am alright with and things I can easily forgo doing. Then there are things I don’t do just because.

Beaches fit into this category.

But I do have to admit that they are very pretty. For the most part. Maybe the appeal of beaches have more to do with the memories made at them then the actual piece of land?

I remember the first time I saw the Pacific Ocean. My friend and I were returning from a great time in California. A little after lift off, my friend grabbed my arm and pointed to a patch of beach where the surf met sand, out the window. That was breathtaking. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to be on that little bit of beach with my friends.

But that was years ago and my love of sand and waves never really grew beyond that. Except for the time brother and I watched fireworks on the dunes that time, I’ve never felt the compulsion take me.

And now summer is half over.

I’d better get off my backside and go at least one more time, other wise I will have to wait another year before I can try again.




Stephen A. Schwarzman Building View from Byant Park

This diorama is open to viewing at the New York Public Library, in the main hall. According to the website (which is here), the Schwarzman Building contains many research collections, which are accessible to all. Personally, I’ve never been, but now knowing such a place exists makes me want to schedule a visit sometime.


As someone who is utterly fascinated by all things miniature, this diorama really appealed to me. It is intricately detailed and definitely worth a look, if you are in the area.

Fireworks Friday (pt1)


Every Friday, for the rest of the month, I will be posting some of the pictures I took during this summer’s fireworks. Having just gotten my computer and phone to sync (my phone is much newer than my pc) I am finally able to take some still frames from the videos I took last month.


These were filmed during White Plain’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show. The majority of these were captured towards the end of night, once the sky got significantly dark enough.


During that particular show, it rained several times and was pretty muggy, so towards the end there were a lot of sulfur clouds hanging around (as you will probably  see more so in some of the later photos.)


I have to admit that I was rather impressed with this year’s show, both in terms of sheer number of blasts and the colorfulness of the display.