Fireworks Friday (pt1)


Every Friday, for the rest of the month, I will be posting some of the pictures I took during this summer’s fireworks. Having just gotten my computer and phone to sync (my phone is much newer than my pc) I am finally able to take some still frames from the videos I took last month.


These were filmed during White Plain’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show. The majority of these were captured towards the end of night, once the sky got significantly dark enough.


During that particular show, it rained several times and was pretty muggy, so towards the end there were a lot of sulfur clouds hanging around (as you will probably  see more so in some of the later photos.)


I have to admit that I was rather impressed with this year’s show, both in terms of sheer number of blasts and the colorfulness of the display.


Waiting at the Train Station


I recently went up to White Plains with my mother. We wanted to take a look in the City Center building (where there is a Target, a supermarket, and a few other awesome stores) to get a few things we saw advertised as being on sale.

However, we both had forgotten that the trains are now operating on a ‘summer work schedule’ and are arriving/departing at odd times. This meant that we had just missed the local train by a minute since we thought it was the express. ((Usually there is an express train to Manhattan first, followed by a local one about 5 to 10 minutes later.)) So, we were stuck waiting a half hour until the next local… which when I think about it is not so bad, since on the weekends there are only 1 local and 1 express per hour.

Lucky for us, the weather was absolutely beautiful and the station was pretty empty, allowing me to snap a few photos. The one above is of the view looking towards Rt. 100 (also known as Central Avenue). Over the past few years it seems that people have been hard at work building nice little space for bicyclists there.

The next two are of the train platform also looking towards Rt. 100. I didn’t dare take any pictures inside the station and was standing far to the back end of the platform, so no one bothered me much for the photography. Still, a lot of places in New York  can get huffy when it comes to taking pictures of public spaces…


Looking left, trees, trees, and more trees. If you continue left, you can go inside the station proper, which according to the elevator is 3 floors.

Bottom floor has a few newspaper stands; one specializing in junk-food, magazines, and cigarettes, with and the other selling coffee/tea and actual food. There are two sets of stairs and escalators to go up to the main platforms.

Middle floor is a large waiting room where you can also buy tickets from manned windows or one of the many ticket machines. There is also a smaller enclosed waiting area towards the front of the tracks (since the platforms are incredibly long and many people have to ride in the first few cars, depending on which station you are planning to get off at– Bronx stations are older and much smaller than many full length trains).

What the top floor holds is a secret to this day. The elevator has a button for it and there are stairs leading up to it but to this day, many people have no idea what is up there. It seems popular consensus that it’s a no-go-zone, though no one seems sure what the penalty for going up there is…


Looking right, more trees and some electrical wire towers.


Just barely you can make out a building between the greenery. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but I have heard rumors that the building there used to serve as the original White Plains train station. For the most part, it’s closed to the public but I sometimes see MTA workers going in and out of there, sometimes using it as storage.

It seems like such a shame if that is the case. A lot of the old stations have either been abandoned, torn down, or changed so much that they are largely unrecognizable. Certain stations– some which I will not name– barely seem like stations at all.

But if you would like to know more about this station, here is some interesting information along with a short history.



The weather was so nice this afternoon, I went for a little walk to the local Wallgreens for some dollar sixty cereal (this week, many popular brands have been on sale so I made sure to stock up.) and a soda.

On the way back, I stopped for a while to relax on the local middle school’s field, and drank my can of cherry coke. Taking advantage of the weather, many people were playing, sunbathing, or just walking about. A few people even brought their dogs.

For the majority of the time, I spoke to my friend on the phone and watched the bees do their thing. I was vaguely surprised the yellow jackets didn’t come for my soda, as they normally would– an boy, New York yellow jackets are mean mofos– but instead few around as if to say they had no Fs to give.

…which suited me just fine.

Finally, after soaking in as much vitamin D as I could, I decided it was time to head home. And that was when I saw these plants growing by the batter’s box. I have absolutely no idea what they are (at first I thought, maybe, baby’s breath.. but after googling it…) but I thought they were pretty. Anyone have any ideas?


Driving at Night


There’s just something so relaxing about taking an evening drive.


I, personally don’t have a licence (or even know how to drive for that matter), so brother is behind the wheel most times. But that’s actually very convenient for me, since I like to stare out the window anyway. As it stands, I’m not sure I ever will get a licence, since I  live near public transportation and plan to move overseas in a couple of years.


The best, however, is driving after 1 am, when almost no one is out. It reminds me of something you would see in a movie. Towns without people… for some reason that is just so fascinating to me.

These photos, on the other hand, were taken around 9 pm, as we were heading to the late night supermarket to return some cans*.


*For those who may not know, New York charges a 5 cent deposit (tax?) on all soda bottles and cans– I believe a lot of other states do as well– which can be recouped if you bring the item to a supermarket for recycling.



I went to the local Japanese supermarket with brother again. He treated me to lunch and let me pick out whatever I wanted to eat. So, I bought some sashimi and some seasoned rice and through this together. It was delicious.


We have some amber jax (aji) with scallion, some mackerel (saba) with scallion and grated horse radish, some salmon roe (ikura), shiso (an herb– the leaf behind the red fish), and wakame (a type of seaweed).


Which types of sushi do you like?


IMG_20130721_224345It’s been about three weeks since the Fourth of July, but brother, a friend, and finally got our hands on some sparklers. Brother found them buried in the back of his closet along with a few other interesting things.


Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I lit one of these things. For those of you who don’t know, it’s illegal in New York to have them without a licence. Something about too many people injuring themselves with fireworks or something…


But I digress.


These were especially sentimental sparklers because they came from my brother’s mom, who passed away. In a way, it felt like she was still being her kind self and trying to make us happy through them. She was always looking out for us. I miss her.


That night we stood together, sparklers in hand, we laughed so much as we watched the sparks shoot. We stood in a triangle, trying to guess who’s would last longest– it was mine.


Each of us remembered our childhood, I think.


ginger kitty

This is my friend’s cat Ginger.

She is not an overly affectionate cat, but if you have food– or she even suspects you have food– she will try to become your best friend.

Originally, Ginger was a stray kitten that my friend’s siblings brought in. And as strays do, they will eat any and everything near them. Pork fried rice? Gone. Pancakes? You will have a fluffy kitten sitting on your lap covered in maple syrup. Bacon jerky? Her head is in the bag…

Just the other day she was making eyes at my brother, trying to get him to share his ice cream sandwich. So, when it didn’t happen, she hit me up for my bacon… which she did get a little tiny piece of (though not intentionally– let’s just say that her mouth opens wider than I thought…)

Then, she snuggles into a little ball on top of people’s crotches and falls asleep.

ginger 2