Woodlands Train Station


You may remember Woodlands Lake / train station from my previous post found here. These are a few more pictures from our visit there.

Above is the part of the abandoned train station which Woodlands was known for. Peeking through the windows, a lot of the original front-desk area can be seen, as well as a newer desk and a science magazine from the 1980s.


There is another smaller building to the right of the one above where the original departure/arrival schedule was displayed, which is now covered by a painted sheet of plywood.


Not too far away (down a short staircase) is a man-made waterfall as well as Woodlands Lake proper.





I stopped near the University on my way to the train the other day. I had time and wanted to eat my lunch away from the crowds. There are a couple of benches here, so I figured it was as good a place as any.

I couldn’t resist taking a few shots while I was at it, since it was so beautiful out. There are still a few lingering cherry blossom trees around, surprisingly enough. Though soon all the trees will be green and we will have to wait another year for them.