Six days until the cherry blossom festival.

That said, I deem this ‘cherry blossom week’. So, the majority of my photographs during this time will be of these beloved white little flowers.


It seems the sakura took over White Plains overnight. One day the trees were barren of even the smallest bit of green and the next there were flowers.

Mom was actually worried that they wouldn’t bloom due to the erratic weather as of late. One minute it’s cold and another it’s very warm. It’s bad for someone who wants to go flower viewing.





It’s that time of year again, when flowers start their bloom and White Plains is covered in a blizzard of pink and white flower petals. The city is blessed with an array of blossoms. It is quite the sight.

While walking to work the other day, I noticed these. I’m not exactly sure what kind of flower they are (they remind me a lot of dogwood) but they are rather pretty.


Here is a closer look.


If anyone knows what kind this is, please let me know. I am always happy to learn something new.

Spring, Start!


Finally, spring has decided to grace us with its presents. This is the view from outside my window. It may look a little familiar from my blizzard posts, a while back.

I was pleasantly surprised to notice the new greens when I woke up yesterday morning. Before I know it, everything will be fresh and alive.

My mood can definately use the boost.



I tried my hand at making sushi for dinner the other night. It’s much harder than it looks, even after working in a sushi resturant for four years…

For ingredients, I went to a local Japanese supermarket and grabbed some sashimi/sushi-quality fish (about $7.50 worth of end pieces and minced scraps). I already had rice, seasoning (I made it myself– rice vinegar, sugar & salt), and nori (dried seaweed). With it I served home made miso soup.

The results didn’t look too beautiful, but they tasted very good. I made Salmon and Tuna makizushi (the roll type, most associated with sushi) and Tuna-scallion nigirizushi (the kind where a fish is place on top of rice). Mom was pleasantly surprised.