Brother has a tendency to park on the higher levels of enclosed parking lots. It makes for great photo opportunities. Usually, there are few people who are willing to walk the extra distance, so these areas are often empty.


Muted Mondays: Part the First


Since last month’s Firework Fridays seemed to go over rather well, I decided that maybe I would continue a weekly theme into September. This month, it will be Muted Mondays. Each Monday, I will post a picture in black and white and say a little something about it.

This week, we have an old staircase close to where I live. It doesn’t really lead to anywhere important, except a cul-de-sac at the end of a street, but I always wondered what it was before that. It’s built into the side of a steep hill, surrounded by trees and boulders, and look quite old. Was there once a grand estate there at one time? I have no idea.

Firework Friday (pt4)


So, this is the last Firework Friday for 2013. It’s been a lot of fun doing a series like this and I’ve been thinking about what else I can do a series about. Maybe Monochromatic Mondays? We’ll see…


As for the topic of fireworks, there isn’t much left to say it seems. The fall is coming up soon and we are just one step away from September. I wonder if we’ll have an Indian Summer (a prolonged summer heat usually continuing into mid-September) this year.


So so, instead of the dazzling colors of fireworks and summer, we will have the changing colors of autumn leaves. But before that, have one last ka-boom!


Walk the Path


I’ve always loved to walk, ever since I was really small. I think, in a way, it may play a part in why I don’t drive or own a car (besides not being able to afford one, I mean). For me there is just something soothing about walking with my ipod or with another person. It’s the time I can clear my head or figure something out or get myself under control.

Along the Bronx River


Brother and I went walking along the Bronx River yesterday. The weather was warm, but not overly hot, so it felt really nice to go outside. We had been debating where to take our now-weekly-walk, but we settled to start from a small park in Bronxville.


The trees kept the sun from burning us– well, him, actually. I just continue to tan– and the slight breeze that came over the water was refreshing. There were tons of people out, riding bikes, walking, or jogging with their dogs. But the surprise came when everyone seemed to be in a good mood. ((We live in New York, which is known for its rude citizens.))


Brother and I walked for a little over an hour, almost walking as far as Tuckahoe (the next town up, going by the train stops) before turning around and heading back to the car.