252 of 365

I should apologise for my prolonged absence the last few days, as I was down with food poisoning and in really no shape to do anything but try to sleep it off.

Today, however, I was in high spirits due to today being my 25th birthday. I received a lot of kindness today, for which I am thankful. Everyone who showed me kindness today, thank you so very much.

In all honesty, I still feel a good bit of surprise at having today off, as it came unexpected. I did not request the day off nor did I expect to receive it (as I told no one of my current job as to when my birthday actually was) thinking, “well, people naturally work on their birthdays. That’s just how things are. I am adult and this is what adults do.”

I nearly fell over when the schedule was drawn up and I saw a blank box under Saturday and in the row bearing my name. I even asked if it was a mistake. Boss only said, “I didn’t want to make you work all 7 days.” I bowed and gave my gratitude, receiving a blank stare.

Since the start of this year, I have been trying to “be more adult” about things. By this I mean, not let my childish self feel dismayed or upset at things that are a normal part of life. I guess, in everyday terms, become more mature…

It’s a work in progress to say the least. Whenever my mind says to me “well, it just ain’t fair! Why does it have to be —-?” or “Why can’t I just be treated (childishly) just a little while longer?!” I remember my mom was 25 when she had me. It couldn’t have been easy, god knows what a pain in the ass child I was, but she pulled through it.

Because of this struggle, I have been a bit depressed lately (since March actually) and been feeling like everything I worked for, hoped for, just had no chance at happening. I felt like I woke up, but in a bad way, to realize that all my dreams were just that and a harsh reality was going to keep me were I was forever. I felt completely without hope. I began to want to pity myself. “Poor Ren, she can’t move forward at all. She will never make anything of herself…. poor, poor Ren. Such ambition, such dreams…”

I would often chastise myself at thinking this way, being strict and telling myself, “People (go through that) everyday– tied down and unable to be free (happy). Why do you think people are so miserable?” And everytime it would start to become to much or I wanted to tell people about it, I’d feel like I really had no right to say ANYTHING! There are so many people worse off than me, so what right did I have to complain? “Welcome to the real world, Ren,” I would think bitterly.

But today, I feel like I woke up and shrugged off that depression. Like I went to bed with a sore stomach and woke up felling better than I was before I got sick. Like I shrugged off my depression when I tossed off the sheets to get out of bed.

I was able to greet people with an honest smile. I felt like a different person all together and those feeling I carried for so long felt like a distant memory– like a dream forgotten after awakening. Everyone said I looked different. I certainly felt so.

248 of 365

It’s such a rainy day today. Very cool, very wet, very dreary. A perfect day to go to the dentist and get some work done.

Had to fill a cavity in, which involved getting a shot of novocaine into the crook of my jaw. Fun. So, now I can’t open my mouth more than a half centimetre and half my tongue is all tingly. Before, my tonsils went numb. I really hate when they can’t shot the novocaine straight into the surrounding gums.

247 of 365

Time goes by so fast these days, it seems. I remember, as a kid, I used to complain so much that time never moved fast enough. My mom would often– and still does– warn me that once you reached a certain age it would fly by and that I would want those slow moving days back. She was right.

Today marks “the last day of summer” by American standards. It’s labor day, a day that is for rest. It is also the day to acknowledge that the time for rest is over (for most the end of June through today is considered “vacation time” in some form or another). Soon, kids will go back to school, and everyone will start gearing up towards the holidays– which starts earlier and earlier each year.


246 of 365

Today had such a lazy feeling to it. Hardly any customers came into my job today and those that did just were browsing– scurrying away as soon as you said “hello.”  My co-workers are blaming the Labor Day weekend, and I could why. I c an only wonder if tomorrow will be the same.

As for what it is I am posting today, I can only call it an experiment. In the same vein as those “artsy” shots of pens on paper and what not, it is a magnifying glass hovering over my superior’s desk. (This is where I had my lunch today) I chose the day Sunday for obvious reasons. If you look hard into the reflection (between the start of the U and right before the barely visible Y) you can see me with my phone. Kinda…..

245 of 365

It was rather quiet in White Plains today, despite it being a Saturday. On my way to work around 11am, I  noticed the amount of cars and people on the streets seemed to be half of what it normally is. It felt more like a Tuesday both out there and also at work.

This photo here isn’t my place of employment, unfortunately, but is one of the buildings I would love to work in. There are two others on Main St. that have garnered my attention as well, though for the life of me I can’t recall the names of them. One of them is across the street from this one (not on the side with the Galleria Mall) and the other is a block down towards the train station– the one with the statue of a man sitting on the steps with a brief case and the old recording equipment by Pace University.

244 of 365

Today I had an unexpected day off so mom and I went into the city to check out the Harry Potter exhibition over on W. 44th and to sell some things to the Book Off on W. 45th (which used to be on E. 41st). For those familiar with the city, you know that the exhibit location took us close to Time Square. Being the shutter but I am, I couldn’t resist getting a few shots of the area most people think of when they think of New York– other than the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty (which is to my knowledge is closed for remodeling) or the former location of the Twin Towers. Ironically enough, this is only the second time I’ve been to Time Sq. myself, since my usual haunts are between E. 33rd and E.42 (excluding the newly moved Book Off).

It was beyond crowded today, though I’m guessing that was because of the holiday weekend coming up. Trying to  navigate the crowds was like seeing how many walls you could walk into and not give up. It was a literal sea of people, surrounded on all sides by flashing neon.

There we met the Naked Cowboy, (Read more at  http://www.nakedcowboy.com/) who is known to walk around there clad in not more than a pair of underwear (on the back of which is written “The Naked Cowboy” in blue and red paint), cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and his trusty guitar (which I learned has a cool cut out in which to place tips). He was a really nice guy who I really recommend meeting.  I was able to have a picture taken with him– which I’m not posting here– before we found our way to the Discovery Museum for the exhibit.

Let me tell you, long line is LONG. The exhibit is closing up September 5th, so it seemed everyone and their mother (pun intended) was there. There was a line to get tickets (which we should have done online, though this was a bit of a spontaneous thing), a line to get in, a line to stand on once you got into the main hall, a line to go down the stairs, and a line to get into the damn exhibit. Everyone did seem to take it well though, which is the opposite of what New Yorkers are known for. Everyone was patient and no one tried to cut.

Once we got in, there was no photography allowed, much to my disappointment. However, it is understandable since the venue makes money on people visiting, but I still would have liked to go home with a picture of some of the robes and the recreation of Umbrige’s office (sans moving kitten plates of coase!)

243 of 365



I ended up leaving my workplace a lot later than I hoped to, which is odd considering I was allowed to leave early today.

After visiting the supermarket to pick up some rice porridge (which tastes great with sugar and maple syrup by the way) and an anko dessert from hokkaido, and then swinging back by my place of employment to visit a friend, I had to speed walk (in what my friend and I now refer to as the “bitch walk”) to the train.

By the station, via the “round cut” route (ie: a route where any and all corners are cut– essentually making it round) is an intersection and this building. I happened to like the way it looked during the dusk hours and snapped a quick pick while waiting for the light to change. (I then continued on my merry way) Again, this is White Plains and the weather is slightly cool.

Note: Tomorrow I will be able to take a picture of something not in White Plains. I am thinking of going to the city (Times Square area, actually) and hope to bring home some shots to share.