That Time of Year Again Pt.2


There were many trees at Okazaki Aeon Mall and a lot of them had color-changing lights. All the tress were white with soft pastel details and lots of reflective decorations. From the skylights hung translucent snowflakes.


Handmade Bowl

Friday was a holiday, so I went to the mall with a friend. There was a small grouping of tabled set up where you could try to make your own pottery. 
The fee was ¥1200 for one piece, with an additional ¥700 fee if you wanted it shipped to your house after it was fired in the kiln. 

There were a few items you could learn how to make: two types of plates, two types of bowls, a mug, or an animal. I made a pie plate.

We got to hand sculpt our pieces under the instruction of a professional. We were taught how to work the clay on the wheel, how to make 3D adornments, and how to do etching cleanly. Then, we were asked what color glaze we wanted. I choose blue.

The piece need to finish its procrssing at the shop so I’ll have to wait until the new year to get it. I chose to have it sent to my home since the factory is a bit far out of the way.