2012 Photo Journal


My mom and I both love sushi. Recently we went to a great resturant by my mom’s job, owned by someone I used to work with a long long time ago. When I used to work in the bakery section of the supermarket, the sushi chief there left to start his own business. A few months later my co-workers and I were invited to the grand opening. Needless to say the party was awesome!!

When my mom and I went, it was around 7pm and very, very cold. We walked the several blocks and were greeted with a loud Irasshaimase and warmth. We were seated at the sushi counter with tea and our orders taken.

Mom ordered the combination chirashi (below) and I got the salmon bowl (above). It was beyond delicious.

2012 Photo Journal




I lost a bet with my co-worker today. I forgot what we were betting about– something about finding something I had thought lost, I think– but the result was that if I were wrong, I would have to go pick up her dinner. Luckily for me, the terms didn’t include my paying for it.

Speaking of which, a friend of mine that works for the corporate office at my mall said that the owners were thinking of getting rid of the food court as it stands now to convert the space into one large buffet style resturant. I don’t get it, but then again they already got rid of my favorite place to eat from last September… so I guess it doesn’t really affect me much.

2012 Photo Journal


Let me introduce my new mint plant Micchan. I bought him from the supermarket earlier this week on my way to work. All through work I had him sit in the back office under my boss’ lamp. I took these pictures during lunch.

Previously, I’ve had a shiso (a type of Japanese herb) plant, tulups, and a few plants of unknown origin. I’ve even tried growing negi from cut offs after a friend suggested I try it. I really do love plants.

Unfortunately, I was never very good at keeping them alive for more than a few months at most. My apartment is very dark, so I think it’s due to them not getting enough sun.

I hope that Micchan will do better than my previous attempts. I’ve been trying really hard to make sure Micchan get’s enough light (been keeping him under a lamp during the evenings after I get home from work) and water. So far so good.


Photographer's Note

A New Year

I should start with wishing everyone a happy new year. I know it’s two months and three days late, but the setiment is there all the same.

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated here. Been rather busy with work the last few months and it’s caused me to neglect a lot of things. My apologies. I can only hope that in this new year I can remedy that somewhat.

— Ren Mi

2011 Photo Journal

257 of 365

So comes the fall weather…

Today was the first day my area fell into the below 65 degree mark since spring. When I got out of work around 6 (stayed late  to help out) it was raining lightly and windy. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there was no wind, but considering that White Plains is known as a city of wind tunnels… well, it didn’t help that I wasn’t dressed for the 50s.

I can only hope that I don’t fall sick because of it.

Photo Journal

256 of 365

It feels like I should say, “it’s been a long time,” even though it really hasn’t.

 As I said in my earlier post, I’ve been practically living at work (how do the salarymen do it?!) in one form or another. Rather than complain the oh-so-fun doubles I’ve been pulling,  I want to talk about how slow it’s been.

Needless to say, it’s been pretty slow in my corner of the retail market. Where is everyone, I often find myself wondering. I mean, I understand the economy is utter crap right now and that no one wants to part with their cash (trust me, I understand this one well) but that doesn’t usually stop those who shop regularly at the high-end stores like N**str*m or Ne*ma* Mar*us. Also, even if said people aren’t looking to buy a new (unnecessary item) or a  new (useless item), they usually spend the day looking around, but there’s literally been NO ONE in for hours on end. ((I spent the day doing paperwork, sending packages, and reorganizing protocols))

But I did notice, when I went to the supermarket after work (tonight luckily I didn’t have a double) that there were tons and tons of people mulling about. The lines to check out were god-awfully long and every aisle had decent foot traffic. I know that food (and the like) trumps luxury goods, but since I started working retail I really began to wonder if other people knew the same thing– heaven knows I’ve seen enough questionable choices (ie purchases) made in my line of work.

Though, now that I think about it, it might just have been the 99 cents a pound chicken they were selling.  That certainly helped convince me to open my wallet…

2011 Photo Journal

255 of 365

Same as yesterday, except start work a t 9:30. Have a good day!

2011 Photo Journal

254 of 365 (Back-post)

So busy, so very busy. 9 through almost 6 at one job then 6 to 8 at the next. Didn’t get home until almost 9, fell asleep soon after. Apologies for lack of update.

Photo: area near train station, taken from back seat of taxi on way between jobs.

2011 Photo Journal

252 of 365

I should apologise for my prolonged absence the last few days, as I was down with food poisoning and in really no shape to do anything but try to sleep it off.

Today, however, I was in high spirits due to today being my 25th birthday. I received a lot of kindness today, for which I am thankful. Everyone who showed me kindness today, thank you so very much.

In all honesty, I still feel a good bit of surprise at having today off, as it came unexpected. I did not request the day off nor did I expect to receive it (as I told no one of my current job as to when my birthday actually was) thinking, “well, people naturally work on their birthdays. That’s just how things are. I am adult and this is what adults do.”

I nearly fell over when the schedule was drawn up and I saw a blank box under Saturday and in the row bearing my name. I even asked if it was a mistake. Boss only said, “I didn’t want to make you work all 7 days.” I bowed and gave my gratitude, receiving a blank stare.

Since the start of this year, I have been trying to “be more adult” about things. By this I mean, not let my childish self feel dismayed or upset at things that are a normal part of life. I guess, in everyday terms, become more mature…

It’s a work in progress to say the least. Whenever my mind says to me “well, it just ain’t fair! Why does it have to be —-?” or “Why can’t I just be treated (childishly) just a little while longer?!” I remember my mom was 25 when she had me. It couldn’t have been easy, god knows what a pain in the ass child I was, but she pulled through it.

Because of this struggle, I have been a bit depressed lately (since March actually) and been feeling like everything I worked for, hoped for, just had no chance at happening. I felt like I woke up, but in a bad way, to realize that all my dreams were just that and a harsh reality was going to keep me were I was forever. I felt completely without hope. I began to want to pity myself. “Poor Ren, she can’t move forward at all. She will never make anything of herself…. poor, poor Ren. Such ambition, such dreams…”

I would often chastise myself at thinking this way, being strict and telling myself, “People (go through that) everyday– tied down and unable to be free (happy). Why do you think people are so miserable?” And everytime it would start to become to much or I wanted to tell people about it, I’d feel like I really had no right to say ANYTHING! There are so many people worse off than me, so what right did I have to complain? “Welcome to the real world, Ren,” I would think bitterly.

But today, I feel like I woke up and shrugged off that depression. Like I went to bed with a sore stomach and woke up felling better than I was before I got sick. Like I shrugged off my depression when I tossed off the sheets to get out of bed.

I was able to greet people with an honest smile. I felt like a different person all together and those feeling I carried for so long felt like a distant memory– like a dream forgotten after awakening. Everyone said I looked different. I certainly felt so.

2011 Photo Journal

248 of 365

It’s such a rainy day today. Very cool, very wet, very dreary. A perfect day to go to the dentist and get some work done.

Had to fill a cavity in, which involved getting a shot of novocaine into the crook of my jaw. Fun. So, now I can’t open my mouth more than a half centimetre and half my tongue is all tingly. Before, my tonsils went numb. I really hate when they can’t shot the novocaine straight into the surrounding gums.