New Phone

Last night my phone (with the broken camera) died for good. Brother was able to set me up with a temp phone until April, when I renew my contract and plan to upgrade to an iPhone. Because of this, I now have a mobile camera, from which I can continue taking photos for this blog. […]

Happy New Year

明けましておめでとうございます 今年も宜しくお願いします Happy New Year, everyone. I hope it’s a good one thus far. I am hoping to return to regular activity after the hols and after I get the camera in my phone repaired. So, until then, please continue to be patient while updates are sporatic. To keep this blog from suffering a long […]

Return to Action

It’s been a while… I apologise for the lack of activity. There have been many ups and downs since my last post (May, I believe). I’m hoping I can update on a more regular schedule from now on. I will be posting from my backlog of photos, which has been piling up since May. They […]

Busy bee

Been so busy lately and haven’t been able to do much but work and the odd meet up with friends. My schedule’s going to be booked until a little after Mother’s day, but after that I hope to be able to post a bit more. So until then take care, and to all mothers out […]

A few days off

For those of you who know me personally, you probably know that I haven’t been feeling all that well lately. It seems I caught a bit of a cold and as much as I tried to rest, the past few days have been rather busy with taxes, insurance issues, & student loan issues (along with […]

A New Year

I should start with wishing everyone a happy new year. I know it’s two months and three days late, but the setiment is there all the same. It’s been a while since I’ve last updated here. Been rather busy with work the last few months and it’s caused me to neglect a lot of things. […]