Working on Christmas

Working on Christmas wasn’t too bad this year. On Christmas Eve my coworkers and I had a lovely lunch of chicken, pizza and salad. On Christmas Day, another coworker brought in some cake for everyone to enjoy. When I lived in the States, I couldn’t imagine working on Christmas Day, but after living abroad and […]

A Nice Dinner

I went out with a couple of friends last night. We met up after work and then headed to downtown Nagoya. My friend N know a swanky bar/restaurant, so we went there for a couple of hours. We ordered drinks along with some things to pick at. We had to wait for another friend, J, […]

White like Snow

There is a Christmas Village in Nagoya this year. On the way home from hanging out with a few friends, I had a look around. It was cute and a nice little change of pace from the dreariness that is December.


Spent almost all of the three day weekend in bed due to a bad sore throat and cold. My voice still isn’t 100%, but I can speak again, so it’s back to the grind for me.