Our Newest Addition

On the way home from work yesterday, I walked by a flowershop selling pointsettias. They were brilliant colored and available in a small size, so I picked one up. It’s been placed on my dresser for the time being, until I finish cleaning off my living room table. After that, all that will be left […]

Exposure – The Waterfall

When I went to Tokugawa Gardens, I played around with the settings on my camera. I wanted to emulate the types of flowing water shots you see in photography books. So step one was to find a waterfall. I lucked out because this particular fall has a lot of little mini ones as well. Step […]

A Long Road

As many of you have likely noticed, updates have not been as plentiful as usual. That is because I have been a bit busy and not so much in the mood to blog as of late. This month has been an unusual one both at work and in my personal life. This month, I had […]