The Small Details

A manhole cover in Komaki City. This month, I’ve been helping at bit at a school there. Everyone’s been incredibly nice and the area is a couple of degrees cooler than Nagoya.

Back to Work

Today was my first day back to work, but I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night. My sleep schedule got messed up due to staying up late, then sleeping in, during my vacation. Since it was too hot to go anywhere, I adopted a more nocturnal lifestyle. That lifestyle doesn’t exactly match well with my work schedule…

Another Evening Stroll

It’s continued to be extremely hot here in Nagoya. So much so, I spent almost all of my Summer Break in my room. With the exception of going to the Aquarium with V, I spent my waking hours watching DVDs or playing video games.

Any time spent outdoors (again save for the aquarium) has been after 6 or 7 pm. Even then it’s been pretty hot and muggy. Some nights, it was a trip to the nearest convenience store, while others was to the video shop.

Work starts again on Thursday, though this week will only be a three day one.

It’s kind of funny though: I looked forward to spending time outdoors this summer for the entirety of the winter and spring.

Nagoya Aquarium

My friend V invited me to the aquarium on Saturday.

It was a natural holiday, so it was especially busy, but we to get some good shots.

There was a special exibit on jellyfish, which was super cool.

We managed to also see some dolphins close up while the aquarium was preparing a show. The dolphins were quite friendly.